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City of White begins rebuilding process

In the second city council meeting of the new administration, the oft-maligned city of White began the process of rebuilding.

“I want to take this opportunity to update the citizens of White as to where we are as pertains to this new administration,” Councilman Dennis Huskins said. “This is about the challenges they inherited and how they are moving forward positively.”

Much of the meeting was devoted to either trying to rebuild past practices or, in some cases, start over from scratch as described by Huskins.

“If you see any erratic changes in your water bill, please have patience,” he said. “It seems our software company has informed us that the water system software was left damaged with technical malfunctions and our first priority is to get this technical support restored.

“We must amend our budget to reflect the sudden changes of the past months. The software IT people had to just about rebuild the entire system and they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. It has just been a nightmare for the water system folks.”

Another problem was an out-of-kilter city ordinance system regarding the amount of fines charged.

“The fines hadn’t been updated in quite a while,” Police Chief Dane Hunter said. “Some of the fines that were listed were exorbitant in comparison to surrounding areas. For instance, a disorderly conduct charge carried a $1,000 fine. Surrounding counties averaged about $250 for the same charge. We have to bring the fines more in line with neighboring cities and counties.”

Hunter also introduced Sgt. Joe Tiller as the second member of the police department.

In other business, the council:

• Authorized Bartow County Board of Elections to conduct the May 22 special election for empty council seats.

• Authorized Bartow County Animal Control to police White for stray or nuisance animals.

• Authorized Waste Management to continue providing trash pickup.

• Authorized City Clerk Robin Deal to act as pension secretary and clerk of the court.

The White City Council will meet on Monday, Feb. 12, at 7 p.m. for a called work session.