Singing Valentine deliveries set for Feb. 14

Creating long-lasting memories for area residents, members of the Big Chicken Chorus’ More Than 4 will deliver Singing Valentines Feb. 14.

“Our group started delivering Singing Valentines seven years ago,” said Bill Devine, a resident of Cartersville and More Than 4’s performance manager. “The program was an instant hit. Folks were ready to give their loved ones something different from regular valentine offerings, i.e.,  a box of chocolates and/or a dozen overpriced roses.   

“Our Singing Valentines are personally delivered by More Than 4 singers dressed in tuxedos and include a personalized valentine card, a long-stem red rose and the singing of three love songs. Songs are sung a cappella in the traditional barbershop style of four-part harmony.”

Along with Devine, More Than 4 consists of Bartow County vocalists Don Jackson, Mac McKenzie, Alan Bowen and Dave Elvers, along with Music Director Steven Smith, Rick French, Ron Magnuson, Ron Regan, Jeff Hoffman, E.J. Loi, Bernie Bookman, Keith Lay and Harry Bissinger.

“Delivering Singing Valentines is tremendously rewarding,” Devine said. “Those receiving our valentines react with tears of joy, laughter and amazement. Singing Valentines are truly a unique gift and the memories last a lifetime.

“… Most of our valentines are delivered to the workplace or to one [of] Cartersville’s restaurants, but we also deliver to homes or senior care facilities. Our favorite deliveries take place [at] Cartersville’s senior care facilities. Care facilities usually have a Valentine’s party scheduled for their residents, and we try to schedule our valentine delivery to be part of that. The reaction we get to those valentine deliveries is truly heartwarming.”

Singing Valentines will cost $50. The Big Chicken Chorus also will provide telephone valentines across the nation for $25.

According to, “The Marietta, GA, Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, a.k.a. the Big Chicken Chorus, strives to preserve and encourage the singing of barbershop harmony in a professional and congenial atmosphere. Our purpose is to enrich the quality of life in our community, engage our audiences, provide musical education and performance opportunities to the youth of our community, and provide musical challenge and reward to our singers.

“We welcome any opportunity to apply our hobby of singing four-part harmony, and have traveled extensively to present our brand of entertainment to a variety of audiences, both young and old.”

Along with visiting, Singing Valentines can be ordered by contacting Devine at 678-448-6888 or Jackson, 770-548-3910.

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