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Bystanders help police apprehend man on Highway 20

A homeless man was arrested Sunday after 911 received complaints of him standing in the middle of Highway 20 holding a sign.

According to the police report, he fled a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy and resisted arrest, and police needed the help of two bystanders to finally detain him.

Arthur Pohl, 61, was allegedly standing in the middle of the road with a sign at around 8 p.m. Sunday and was yelling while trying to stop cars driving by on Highway 20 by Cline Smith Road in Cartersville.

According to the police report, deputies saw Pohl standing in the eastbound lane of Highway 20, and when he saw the patrol car approaching, Pohl folded his sign and began walking away while in the middle of Highway 20.

When the deputy told him to stop, he began to run away, and the deputy grabbed his wrist and tried to detain him, according to the report.

While struggling with Pohl on the ground, a woman and an older man helped the deputy put handcuffs on Pohl.

Pohl was brought to the Bartow County Jail and charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement, simple battery against a police officer and pedestrian must walk on sidewalk when available. Bail was set at $4,250.