Taylor approves new county park

Bartow County Commissioner Steve Taylor started his public meeting Wednesday by attempting something more futile than killing an elephant with a peashooter — getting money from the state’s dedicated fees collection.

"This is a resolution before the House of Representatives, House Bill 158,” County Manager Peter Olson explained. "When the state commits money for a specific purpose, they bind it to that purpose. Unfortunately, the money they collect for that specific purpose doesn't get reallocated; it gets dumped into the general fund. This is an effort to get them to stick to their promises. I don't give a lot of chance for its success."

"Yeah," Taylor retorted. "Good luck with that."

Taylor also signed agreements with the cities of Adairsville and White, which had a far better chance of happening.

"We have amended the standard jail agreement with Adairsville, which is like the standard agreement we have with all cities,” Olson said. “The amendment adjusts the fee for housing prisoners and for accompanying a prisoner to a hospital”

Olson said the city of White, which broke away from the animal control agreement in the past, had requested to rejoin.

He also said the Girls Scouts of Atlanta, which had leased Camp Pine Acres, on Lake Allatoona from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, wanted to close the lease.

“The Corps of Engineers has agreed to allow the county to lease the park,” he said. “We just have to get it through the Corp's bureaucracy.”

Olson said a county employee would live on the premises and watch out for problems like vandalism until the park opened.

Taylor heard a report from Lamont Kiser, director of the Community Development Department.

"Back in December we brought to you a revised fee schedule," Kiser said. "It had not been revised in at least 20 years and when we did, we found some duplication of fees and some fees we were already charging and want to get them added back to the list.” 

Kiser also said a section of the building codes should be amended.

“In the past, we didn't permit anything smaller than 800 square feet,” he said. “We changed it to less than 200 square feet for garages and personal storage areas.”

Taylor approved rezoning property on Taylorsville-Macedonia Road from A-1 to CN to allow a developer to build a Dollar General store. The approval carried conditions that the developer installs an eight-foot wooden screen fence around the property, plant evergreen screen trees at 30 feet off center and provide a four-foot evergreen hedge along the front of the parking lot. The county engineering department also said the developer must address drainage issues on the site.

In other business, Taylor:

• Approved the sale of four sheriff’s office vehicles and two vehicles from the Department of Solid Wate and Recycling.

• Approved three alcohol license applications, including a special event license for the Georgia Steeplechase.

• Reappointed Bill Hicks and Lourens Vermaas to the Zoning Appeals Board.

• Reappointed Robert Bishop, C. L.Tidwell, Dr. Dwayne Montgomery and David Herrin to the Animal Control Board.

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