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Coomer to serve as co-chair of Walker’s state presidential campaign

State Rep. Christian Coomer (R-14) has been selected as a co-chair of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign in Georgia.

Coomer will join a team of several others in advancing the Republican candidate’s efforts to gain voters in Georgia before the state’s primary election on March 1. Coomer explained that he was drawn to Walker for his conservative viewpoints and leadership ability, likening him to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.

“The co-chairs are all people who came to the Walker campaign organically and early,” stated Coomer via email. “Walker is the only Republican in the primary who has won repeatedly in a solidly Democratic state without abandoning conservative causes and ideals. He has carried a conservative message and governed with conservative principles, demonstrating that Republicans and independents alike want someone who will speak honestly and govern with the methods they promise during their campaigns. In that regard, Gov. Walker is in the same model as Gov. Deal.”

Coomer added that he is enthusiastic about working with the presidential candidate and has already begun working to garner the support of other Georgia political figures.

“I’m looking forward to assisting Gov. Walker in promoting his positive message of results-oriented conservative government,” he noted. “I’ve been working with the campaign to coordinate support from other members of the General Assembly and building the grassroots organization in Georgia.”

Joining U.S. Rep. Doug Collins (Ga.-9), who will serve as chairman of Walker’s Georgia campaign, Coomer’s fellow co-chairs include State Sen. Judson Hill (R-32); State Rep. Matt Ramsey (R-72), Georgia House Majority Caucus Whip; Julianne Thompson, former co-chair of the Atlanta Tea Party; and Rachel Little, former Gwinnett County Republican Party chair.

Coomer said he believes the selected Georgia campaign leadership puts the state in a good position to have a voice on the national level if Walker is elected president.

“Gov. Walker sees Georgia as a high priority primary state,” Coomer pointed out. “He will be coming to us frequently in the next few months, so Georgia is positioned to have real influence in a Walker administration in the White House.”

Walker stated in the press release that he was pleased with support in Georgia thus far, and anticipates that the leaders of his state campaign will help to increase his chances of victory.

“We are incredibly energized by the support our campaign is receiving in the South, especially in Georgia,” said Walker. “As we announce these new team members today, we take another step toward victory in the Georgia primary next year. I thank these individuals for their willingness to contribute their time and talents to our cause as we continue to share our message of fighting and winning for the hard-working taxpayers.”

Coomer was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2010. He currently serves as the chairman of the House Transportation Committee and has also served as House administration floor leader to Gov. Nathan Deal.