September’s Pub Crawl to be ‘biggest offering to date’

Looking to provide participants ample time to enjoy the Pub Crawl, the Cartersville Downtown Development Authority will expand the event to two days next month. The offering will be held Sept. 4 and 5, starting at 5 p.m. both days.

“With a sponsor, seven participating restaurants, 100 available tickets and two days, this is the biggest offering to date,” said Hollie Duncan, special events coordinator for the Cartersville DDA. “This is the first time the Pub Crawl has been extended to two days. After taking into consideration the feedback that we received from the restaurants and participants from the two previous pub crawls, we feel like this will be beneficial to everyone. It will spread out the volume of people and hopefully mitigate any interruptions to regular patrons, reduce stress on staff and bartenders, and allow participants to visit all of the locations.

“The appeal to this being a two-day event is that participants will be able to visit every location and not feel so rushed to fit them all in one evening. We are very excited and hope that these events continue to expand and bring people into our beautiful downtown community.”

Even though the Pub Crawl is a relatively new offering, Duncan is excited to see how the event is evolving.

“The Pub Crawl began in March of 2014 as a First Friday Mardi Gras celebration,” Duncan said. “The DDA decided to sell 50 tickets for the event with four restaurants participating. Tickets sold out. The second annual Mardi Gras Pub Crawl was this past March. The event was expanded to 100 participants with five restaurants participating, and this was also a sold-out event.

“For the upcoming September Fall Crawl, the DDA has acquired a sponsor, which we have not had for the pub crawls before. Xpress Taxi is a local taxi service in Cartersville, and they are extremely excited to sponsor this event. We feel this [will] be a great fit, and will encourage people to be responsible and not drink and drive. The DDA made the decision to keep the number of tickets sold at 100, and the number of locations has expanded to seven: Ate Track Bar & Grill, Appalachian Grill, Jefferson’s Restaurant, Mellow Mushroom, Primo’s Cocina Mexicana, The City Cellar & Loft and The Local Bar & Grill. We could not be more thrilled about this.”

The Pub Crawl’s opening day will occur on the Cartersville DDA’s September First Friday offering, titled Fall Crawl in Downtown Cartersville. By providing a variety of themed events, DDA staff seeks to provide offerings that appeal to a broad cross section of the community.

“The purpose of First Friday events are, first and foremost, to provide exposure for downtown,” Cartersville DDA Manager Lillie Read said. “The idea is that by drawing people into town, with events like the Pub Crawl, we are able to create greater awareness about the downtown core, as well as the amenities that can be found there. The goal is that through exposure and opportunity, people can develop a greater affinity for downtown that creates primary and secondary benefits for the district by introducing it up to a wider range of people.

“Traditionally we ask our retail stores to stay open later during First Friday events, which allows people who cannot make it downtown during normal business hours the opportunity to spend time and interact in the area. To expand upon that, the Pub Crawl helps our goals in multiple ways — 1) it brings people downtown who might not otherwise take the opportunity to come; 2) it encourages people to spend an extended amount of time in the district and to experience it from a street-level perspective as they are walking around; 3) it offers an opportunity for our restaurants to benefit from increased exposure where they might not get the same type of response from a more retail-oriented event; 4) it creates a lively and bustling atmosphere where people are enjoying themselves. We want to create associations with downtown as a great place to socialize, shop, eat and drink, so First Friday events work to attract a variety of people who will do just that.”

Tickets for the Pub Crawl are $30 each, which will cover one beer from each participating site and a Fall Crawl T-shirt. Individuals must be 21 or older to take part.

With tickets expected to sell out quickly, those interested are encouraged to call 770-607-3480 or email Duncan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For more information, visit the Cartersville Downtown Facebook page,, or


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