October ‘Eggs and Issues’ highlights leadership

The monthly Adairsville Eggs and Issues breakfast, hosted by the Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber of Commerce and the Adairsville Council, was held Thursday at NorthPointe Church, 30 Orchard Road.

The event was sponsored by LakePoint Realty Group, a commercial and residential real estate firm that is one of 12 total holdings of Cartersville-based, multi-industry holding and operating company McWhorter Capital Partners. This month’s featured speaker was MCP Founder and CEO Josh McWhorter.

McWhorter spoke on the topic of “Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned,” offering attendees — including many local business leaders — a glimpse into the knowledge he has garnered before and during raising his own company from the ground up.

He cited a past supervisor he had while just beginning his career, who at the end of every day would offer an endearing, “We appreciate ya.”

McWhorter said the phrase may not sound like much, “ ... but it stood out to me because those three simple words meant something to me. ... [You should] never miss an opportunity to tell somebody what they mean to you and what they mean to your organization.”

McWhorter went on to outline what he believes to be the five principles of good leadership in business: finding a purpose or a “why;” giving back; serving those around you; being humble; and giving your employees the margin to take ownership for their actions. The importance of leadership and of standing out in a positive way, he said, are paramount in the current economic climate.

“I think leadership is needed more than ever right this minute. We’re facing uncertain times and uncertain outcomes,” he said to the audience. “And so think about your company; think about yourself. What are some things that you’re doing that maybe you can change, and maybe that you could do just a little bit better?”

Kelly Wade, principal of Clear Creek Elementary School, was also on hand to provide an update on the school’s status. He noted the school’s enrollment currently sits at 591 and 55 percent of students utilize free and reduced lunch. In an effort to ensure the safety, comfort and success of the children at the school, Wade is ramping up the message that now is the time for individual teachers to help make a difference in their students’ lives.

He said, “ ... we’ve been focused a lot on programs. ... My message this year has been, ‘You’re the teacher. ... It’s not a program. It’s what you do in that classroom.’ And I think we’re getting there.”

Wade was optimistic as he looked ahead to the rest of the upcoming year.

“As always, our school, it’s going to be clean. It’s going to be safe. And it’s going to be a positive, nurturing environment,” he said.

The Adairsville Eggs and Issues breakfast takes place the first Thursday of every month at NorthPointe Church. It is free and open to the public.

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