Adairsville declares no election necessary

The Adairsville City Council breezed through a shortened agenda Thursday evening.

Among the items approved was passage of Resolution 15-0013, declaring no election necessary in November due to incumbents facing no opposition.

“None of the incumbents faces opposition, so the city is required by law to pass a resolution declaring there will be no election,” City Manager Pam Madison said. “Then in November, we pass another resolution declaring them the winners.”

The council also approved $18,200 and $46,000 contracts to Rindt-McDuff of Marietta for a water and sewer rate study and a water system modeling, respectively.

“A water and sewer rate study examines how much money it takes to provide service, in this case, drinking water and treat sewage compared to what the customer is paying for the products,” Madison said. “It gives us an idea of how we are doing even if we don’t change rates. The water modeling study examines the system’s water pressure levels and gives us an idea of what it costs, mainly for electricity, to keep the system pumping at an approved pressure.”

In other business, the council:
• Authorized Mayor Ken Carson to sign an agreement for the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office to provide jail and booking services for the Adairsville Police Department.

• Approved a contract with Southern Maid for janitorial services at city hall.

• Approved a $5,384 contract with Yancey Power Systems for annual generator maintenance.

• Approved a retail malt beverage and wine package license for Sunny Food Mart No. 1, 924 Highway 140.

The Adairsville City Council will hold a work session on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m. at Adairsville City Hall.


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