Penson, Casey face off in Kingston mayoral race

Two candidates — incumbent Wanda Penson and challenger Ronald Casey — are running for mayor of Kingston. Kingston voters will make their decision on Nov. 3. Wanda Penson did not return her questionnaire.

Name: Ronald Casey
Age: 68
Occupation: Retired school teacher and coach
Family: Married with children
Education: B.S Gordon College, B.A. Shorter University, postgraduate work University of West Georgia
Previous political offices: Has twice served as mayor of Kingston

Why did you decide to run for mayor of Kingston?
A: This town is stuck in the 1900s; it doesn’t seem to want to enter the 21st Century.

If elected what do you hope to accomplish?
A: I will clean up the city. I want to try to clean up the old buildings and sidewalks and demolish some of the old dilapidated homes. The [cemetery] needs to be cleaned and maintained. We need better water and sewage facilities. The water pipes are the original iron ones with lead collars from the 1920s. The PVC piping that was installed later has reached the end of its usefulness. There are multiple leaks and they must be replaced.

What is the most pressing issue facing Kingston?
A: The condition of the water and sewer system.

Once in office, what will be your top priority?
    A: We need to get multiple grants to use inside the city, not outside the city.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?
A: I know the city better than anyone. I know where all the drainage ditches are and [I] have a vested interest in this city. I want to see it improved for my grandchildren.

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