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Four vie for Euharlee city council seat

Four candidates are running for two at-large seats on the Euharlee City Council. Incumbent Craig Guyton is facing three challengers — Fred Werner, David Duncan and Kathy Foulk — for his seat and the seat being vacated by Steve Worthington in the Nov. 3 election.

Name: K. David Duncan, Sr.
Age: 67
Occupation: Retired police officer of 41 years, Atlanta and Euharlee police departments
Family: Wife, Renè Duncan, married April 17, 1993; daughter, Jessica, 40, and son Kenneth, 38; six grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; and expecting two more by the first of the year.
Education: Graduated O’Keefe High, Atlanta, 1967; graduated Atlanta Police Academy 1973, many Georgia post schools and classes completed since becoming a police officer.
Previous political offices: None

Why did you decide to run for a seat on the Euharlee City Council?
A: Because I want to be able to make Euharlee a better place to live for our citizens of Euharlee.

If elected what do you hope to accomplish?
A: I want the police officers becoming more involved with the citizens of Euharlee by riding through all subdivisions and getting to know the individuals who live in our city.
• Getting sidewalks installed along Euharlee Road from the river bridge to the city limits on the east side of town so pedestrians are not walking on the road.
• Widening the bridge on Euharlee Road.
• Hearing the citizens concerns and suggestions.

What is the most pressing issue facing Euharlee?
A: Making sure the Euharlee Police Department is completely staffed with officers that want to serve and protect all of our citizens [and] insuring that the officers have the necessary equipment to keep them and the citizens safe.

Once in office, what will be your top priority?
A: To represent all of the citizens with respect and dignity.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?
A: For the past 16 years, I have served this community through a variety of volunteer groups. I served on the Bartow County River Resue Squad; The Covered Bridge Players, which assisted families in need throughout Euharlee; The Covered Bridge Festival and the Festival of Trees; and coordinating The Community Egg Hunt with the area churches. I have also been in the Euharlee Historical Society. I am currently involved with the Native Heart, Inc-Euharlee Veterans POW WOW.  

Name: Kathy S. Foulk
Age: 65
Occupation: Retired
Family: I have been married to my wonderful husband, Chris, for 26 years. We moved to Euharlee in 1996 and love it here. We have two daughters, Sharon and Brandy. Sharon lives in Ville Platte, Louisiana, with her husband, Tony Vidrine, and two children, Kennedy and Tristan. Brandy Schall Headrick lives here in Euharlee with her husband, Chad, and three children, Colby, Brady and Lakelynn Henson. It’s hard to call them children since they are all in their teens.
Education: I am a graduate of Lebanon High School, Lebanon, Ohio. I have taken a number of classes in the hospitality industry, since this is what I choose as a career. I have also earned credits for GMA classes for government through the University of Georgia.
Previous political offices: From 2006 through 2013, I was fortunate enough to serve as mayor for the city of Euharlee. In 1998 ’til 2000, I served as city clerk and clerk of court for Euharlee and left that position to open my own restaurant, The Roundhouse, located where Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse is on Covered Bridge Road.

Why did you decide to run for a seat on the Euharlee City Council?
A: As mayor, I may have lead the meetings, but it was always the council that made the hard decisions. Many in the past have ask me what the role of mayor was. The only response I could give them was, “I am the hood ornament for the vehicle that runs the city.” I decided to run for city council so I could have a stronger voice on issues today.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish?
A: If elected, I would like to see our budget stays in the black with a surplus and continue to grow projects with grants and [special purpose local option sales tax], therefore not adding a tax to our citizens.

What is the most pressing issue facing Euharlee?
A: The most pressing issue with Euharlee is allowing growth without losing that small town appeal. I have often said Euharlee is a Mayberry, and that is what appeals to the citizens that have left the big city rat race for our small town charm.

Once in office, what will be your top priority?
A: If elected, I can’t say I have a top priority, but would like to stay on the path of making our community a totally walkable city.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?
A: Being raised in a small town in Ohio, I have a passion for Euharlee. Small towns have heart, a feeling you don’t get with larger cities. The history here is beyond what many small towns can boast about. Being a resident here for 18 years and having the [privilege][e]ge of serving the citizens for eight of those years shows I am a qualified candidate for the position. I have had the honor of helping Euharlee grow with projects like Joe Cowan Park, the Grist Mill, walking trails and the boat landing, all while keeping a budget surplus and not asking our citizens to take on the burden of a city tax. Nov. 3 is quickly approaching, so please let your voice be heard and vote.

Name: Craig Guyton
Occupation: General manager for Sandy Plains Printing for 18 years
Family: I’ve been married to my wife, Donna, for 21 years, and together we have two children. Our daughter, Bailey, is a sophomore at Kennesaw State University, and our son, Griffin, is a freshman at Woodland High School. Donna has taught in the Bartow County School System for 20 years. We are very involved in Cartersville First Baptist Church, teaching Sunday school, singing in the choir and ministering as a deacon.
Education: I graduated from Cartersville High School, and attended Kennesaw State and Georgia Tech.
Previous political offices: Four years on the Euharlee City Council

Why did you decide to run for a seat on the Euharlee City Council?
A: I am running for re-election to the Euharlee City Council because I love the city of Euharlee and to provide common sense, fiscally conservative principles to our local government. We are in a rare position among many municipalities in that we don’t collect a city property tax. I am running for city council to continue maintaining and creating policies that keep our city running efficiently so that the city of Euharlee does not have to collect property taxes from its citizens.

If elected what do you hope to accomplish?
A: If re-elected, I hope to finish and maintain the SPLOST projects that the voters have approved in an efficient way as to not add a tax burden on the citizens. One example of efficient maintenance is at Joe Cowan Park. We finished the park during my first term and started renting the baseball/softball fields out for tournaments. In 2015 we have had more tournaments than we did in 2014. Perfect Game rented more fields from us in 2015 than in 2014. In 2016, we already have more tournaments scheduled than we had in 2015. Growth of tournaments provides revenue to the city to help cover the costs for maintaining the entire park, thus keeping a zero property tax burden on the citizens.

What is the most pressing issue facing Euharlee?
A: On top of growing revenue with existing amenities available to the city and finishing SPLOST projects, I would say budgeting and continuing to find ways to showcase our rich history. Continuing to be very conservative in our budgeting process and then living within that budget is very important. Also, Euharlee has a rich history that is second to none. Donna and I were honored to help with the Euharlee Historical Society’s Haunted Euharlee tour last weekend. Finding ways to highlight our history through events like the ghost walk has been, and will continue to be, a pressing issue for the city.

Once in office, what will be your top priority?
A: I don’t know how many different ways to say it, but keeping our city property taxes at zero is my top priority. A municipality with a zero millage rate is rare in 2015, but we have managed to do it through efficient budgeting and operation and it will continue to be my top priority. A very close second will be the completion of the Lowry Grist Mill. The mill is a huge part of our history and I was very excited when the voters passed the SPLOST that includes that project. It is exciting to bring back a piece of our history that was so important to the local economy in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?
A: I would like to thank the citizens of Euharlee for the honor of serving on the Euharlee City Council for the last four years. I have worked with two different mayors and several different [councilmen], and I believe I have shown an ability to work well with anyone in order to do what is in the best interest of the city of Euharlee. I believe that my experience in working well with others and creating and maintaining policies that are fiscally conservative is what makes me the best candidate for the city council. Euharlee is an amazing place to live and serve. I ask for your vote on Nov. 3.

Name: Fred Werner
Age: 64
Occupation: Retired/disabled, previously construction supervisor in underground electrical construction and maintenance.
Family: Married to Rose, my wife, for 27 years. Ten children and 16 grandchildren.
Education: Graduated from Bergen County Technical School. Certified in Electrical Technology.
Previous political offices: Served on the Euharlee Planning and Zoning board and has overseen several civic projects such as the River Clean-up. I also initiated CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) which started in Euharlee and is now countywide, etc.

Why did you decide to run for a seat on the Euharlee City Council?
A: As the most consistent attendee at council meetings for the past 10 ½ years I’ve seen things in which I felt the residents didn’t get the full return for money spent on many projects, unwise decisions made, and a general state of ineffective representation for the residents.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish?
A: I want [to ensure] the residents have complete faith in the city government to do the right thing in every instance. This would include accountability, responsibility and dependability to the residents.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish?
A: Fiscal responsibility and [ensure] all financial records, budgets, etc., are managed properly. My overriding goal would be to [ensure] we maintain a high quality of life for all residents.

What is the most pressing issue facing Euharlee?
A: We need to [ensure] that all projects are completed before starting new ones. Review all staffing to [ensure] the workforce is adequate to maintain all our facilities. To restore the trust and faith of the people in the council.

Once in office, what will be your top priority?
A: To review the budget and to [ensure] that all future projects are managed properly with an understanding of the total costs before starting them. Staying within our budget is a very top priority for me. Staffing issue within each department need to be reassessed to [ensure] they can function efficiently.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?
A: For 10 ½ years I have closely followed the city council and decided I could make only limited changes from the outside. Therefore, the only option to effect any change seems to be as a council member. The job of the council is to act as representatives of the residents and it has the responsibility to [ensure] proper, responsible decisions are made that best represent the welfare of the residents. They can count on me to do exactly that, to represent them fairly and responsibly with accountability.