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Pedestrian hit by vehicle claims to have been in crosswalk

On Thursday at 8:13 p.m., a Cartersville pedestrian was walking down Main Street about to cross Ga. 61 at the Public Square. As he got almost all the way through the crosswalk, the pedestrian was then struck by a vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle had his own side of the story, saying the pedestrian walked out in front of him and was not in the crosswalk.
A passenger in the vehicle that struck the pedestrian stated, “The pedestrian played frogger with traffic and got hit.”

He also said that as soon as the driver cleared the intersection of Public Square, he had looked up and saw the pedestrian, “roll across the hood.”
There was another witness, who was a passenger in another vehicle stopped at the stop sign at Public Square at the intersection of East Main Street. She stated that she did see the pedestrian walk into the road, not in the crosswalk, and then was struck by the vehicle.

Another witness, who was driving on East Main Street approaching Public Square, was four cars behind the vehicle in the accident and said the pedestrian that was hit was not in the crosswalk, but several feet west of it.

The second witness, who was parked at the stop sign, added, “I am sure the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk because he came out between two parked vehicles.”

There was a skid mark on the scene, which started after the crosswalk and was approximately three feet long. There was a glass lens that came from the pedestrian’s glasses found to the west on the crosswalk, approximately 10 feet from the accident.

The vehicle involved in the accident received minor damage to the hood, over the driver-side headlight. The pedestrian involved in the accident sustained injuries to his head from hitting the concrete and was transported to Cartersville Medical Center by EMS.

The accident investigation is still ongoing.