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‘Endless Yard Sale’ episode travels through Bartow Sunday

While the Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale continues to draw shoppers annually, the summer staple also recently attracted Great American Country’s “Endless Yard Sale.” With two contestants purchasing an item at Copperwood Co. — located at 96 E. Iron Belt Road in Cartersville — the shop’s co-owner Megan Wilkey is anxiously awaiting the premiere of the TV show’s “Showdown in Georgia” episode Sunday at 6 p.m.

“The show had already planned to come to the Cartersville area because the Dixie Highway Yard Sale was happening during that time period,” Wilkey said. “And it just so happened that we had planned kind of a storewide yard sale and had dealers and such set up outside. The show actually contacted us and asked if the contestants could possibly stop by and just kind of wanted us to be on the lookout for them. It just so happened that we had some merchandise sitting outside that caught their eye when they were driving by and they stopped.

“... They were looking for something super unique. We had actually had ... an antique washing machine. It still had all of the original stickers. It was in mint condition. We had had it in the store for a little bit and we thought this probably is a good opportunity for them to see it while they’re passing by. So we actually took that out of the store and took it out on the lawn. And that’s what caught their eye when they were driving by was that washing machine. They ended up purchasing that from us.”

Spotlighting some of America’s top yard sale offerings, “Endless Yard Sale” will feature the Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale in its second episode of the season.

“‘Endless Yard Sale: Showdown’ is a competition series on Great American Country,” said Lauren Hugh, associate producer for Our House Media. “In each episode, three teams of avid collectors face off in search of the best antique and vintage finds in some of the country’s best yard sale events. We decided to feature the Dixie Highway sale in our second episode of the season because of the incredible pieces you can find in Georgia. Georgia has some of the best collectors in the U.S., so we knew our teams would have a great time shopping the Dixie Highway sale. They ended up finding some absolutely incredible items.

“... The Nov. 15 episode will be the only episode that features the Bartow County/Cartersville vendors and businesses. We featured approximately 20 vendors over the course of the two-day competition but the teams were also allowed to stop anywhere along the sale, so there are many families and informal vendors featured as well.”

On June 5 to 7, the Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale highlighted more than 10 communities, including Ringgold, Tunnel Hill, Rocky Face, Dalton, Resaca, Calhoun, Adairsville, Cassville, Cartersville, Emerson, Acworth and Kennesaw. While times varied, the sales typically occurred from 7 a.m. to dusk.

A precursor to Interstate 75, the Dixie Highway was envisioned by Carl Fisher in 1912 to transport northerners to the South in the winter. After being built between 1915 and 1927, the popular route attracted local vendors who sold items, such as fruit and chenille bedspreads, to travelers from Michigan to Florida.

The yard sale started in 2006 to celebrate the road’s revitalization after the Georgia Legislature designated the Dixie Highway as a historic driving route. The Georgia Dixie Highway Association initially promoted the project through the purchase and installation of 126 roadway signs.

In Bartow County, yard sales were set up on Old Highway 41 in Adairsville and ran southbound on U.S. Highway 41 through Cassville. Afterward, the route followed Ga. Highway 293/Cassville Road to downtown Cartersville and then Tennessee Street or Highway 293 south to Emerson.