Possible armed robbers hold up couple

On Thursday at 11:52 p.m., a Cartersville police officer was dispatched to Ansley Mobile Home Park in reference to an armed robbery that occurred approximately 20 minutes prior.

The husband and wife victims said they had left their mobile home on foot to check their mailbox, which was located at the entrance of the park. As they were returning home, two average-to-skinny build white males approached in dark-hooded sweatshirts and dark pants.

Both of the suspects had their hands in their pockets pushing something forward, which appeared to the victims to be a gun. A weapon was never pulled out and neither of the victims were touched, but the victims were ordered to give the suspects all of their things.

The victims gave their wallet and purse to the suspects, who then quickly ran off toward the entrance of the park. A total of $105 was lost, as well as both of the victims’ Mexico Consulate ID cards and a debit card. No other valuable items were taken, and the victims were advised to call their bank as soon as possible to report the stolen debit card.

The area and surrounding neighborhoods were then checked by the officer on site, but the suspects were not located.

Man airlifted after crash
One man was injured in a Friday afternoon crash.

The gray SUV left the roadway on Highway 41 just north of Woody Road, striking a culvert. According to dispatch reports, the vehicle was overturned down an embankment and smoking when emergency personnel arrived.

Bartow County EMS Public Information Officer Brad Cothran said the driver, who was possibly in his 30s, suffered a head injury, pelvic fracture and lower extremity trauma.

He was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment.

Thief snatches purse in Wal-Mart parking lot
On Thursday at 2:48 p.m., a Cartersville police officer was dispatched for a theft report at 20 Fox Hill Drive, Cartersville.

The victim stated to the officer that her purse had been stolen earlier that month in the parking lot of Wal-Mart at 101 Market Place Boulevard in Cartersville. The victim was loading her baby into her vehicle and remembered having her purse to purchase groceries as well as in her buggy as she got to her vehicle.

When she loaded her child into the vehicle, her purse was still in the buggy, but had disappeared as she turned around to load it into the vehicle.

The victim talked to Wal-Mart employees, but nobody knew how to help her at the time. The purse was stolen 14 days prior to filing the police report, but the victim said she did not know she needed to file a report and only did because a police report is required to replace her driver’s license.

The victim had no clear sight of the suspect and did not remember which lane she was parked in. However, the victim did recall the incident happening about 3:30 p.m.

The victims purse contained $6 and a bank card, as well as her Georgia driver’s license.

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