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Five arrested after fleeing burglary call

Five people ended up behind bars after fleeing deputies responding to a burglary call.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office report, the deputy was called to a Cassville Road residence where six people - two women and four men - reportedly fled from the house.

The deputy arrived at the Dollar General, located across from the home, and was told three people ran behind the store. He located Brandy Worley, Alicia Nock and Zachery Rampley lying in the woodline.

The three were detained. Worley said she didn’t know why they were running, and Nock said they ran when they saw other people running. Rampley did not speak. All three denied being at the residence across the street.

Deputies searched the area and located a bag with a digital scale and needle where Nock was lying. She said the bag was not hers.

A backpack near where Worley had been hiding contained a needle holding a liquid. Worley admitted both were hers and the needle contained methamphetamine.

The complainant arrived and identified the trio as three of the people who had been in the house.

At that time, the women said they had permission to be in the house, but fled because they were scared.

A deputy located Tommy Little and Barry Little in a mobile home park on Kingston Highway 293.

The homeowner told deputies no one had permission to be there except his son, who is incarcerated, and his stepson, the complainant.

The complainant said when he arrived about 10 p.m. Sunday to check on the house, he saw the five people and another male run from the residence.

Because he had not cleared the residence, he gave consent for deputies to sweep the house. Inside, a large quantity of a crystalline substance was located on a bed and coffee table. The inside was “in complete disarray” with graffiti covering the walls.

Nock was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, prowling and possession of drug-related objects. Rampley was charged with prowling and criminal trespass. The Littles were charged with criminal trespass. Worley was charged with criminal trespass, prowling and possession of meth.
K9 tracks burglary suspect
On Monday night, the nose of a canine located a man suspected of breaking into a Cartersville business.

According to the BCSO report, the glass front door leading to the garage area of Major Motors on Apex Drive was shattered. The Bartow-Cartersville Drug Task Force K9 unit told the deputy Cartersville police officers reported a white male was seen fleeing the scene.

After assisting in clearing the business, the officer and K9 Halo began tracking the suspect. The man, identified as Roscoe Sharpe Jr. was located 100 to 150 yards north of the business.

Sharpe denied any knowledge of what had occurred at the business, saying he was walking to a friend’s house off Peeples Valley Road. “When asked why he matched the description of the person leaving the business that had been burglarized, Roscoe stated the friend’s residence he was headed to was with him, wearing the same clothing color as him and he did it,” the report reads.

Based on the evidence, Sharpe was arrested and charged with burglary.