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Thanksgiving dinner flipped on the floor after heated argument

On Thursday, Nov. 26, at 10:23 a.m., a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched in reference to a domestic altercation.

The complainant advised the deputy that her son, Devin Shullaw, had flipped over the dinner table with all of the Thanksgiving food on it and broke all of the glassware as well as a smaller table in the kitchen area due to an argument that the two were involved in.

She stated that she mentioned to Shullaw that he and his girlfriend stay at her residence, but never pay for any of the bills. She then stated that she was not very well off financially and could not continue to take care of everyone else living in her home.

When the mother told Shullaw that he needed to start helping around the house, he became very upset and told her he would take the turkey off the table and throw it in the yard.

The mother then stated that she and her son exchanged more words with each other and then Shullaw flipped over the table, causing all of the food to land on the floor and all of the glassware to break.

He then kicked a smaller table causing it to break as his mother walked out of the kitchen. The deputy noticed the tables flipped over with damage to all of the glassware on the floor.

A witness stated that she heard her mother and Shullaw arguing in the kitchen. She then said that she went into the kitchen and witnessed Shullaw flipping the table over, causing the damage to the items stated.

Shullaw was stated to most likely be at his girlfriend’s house, where the deputy then relocated. After locating Shullaw, he stated that he did become upset while arguing with his mother and did flip over the table and advised that he knew he was in the wrong.

Due to Shullaw admitting to causing the damage and a witness testimony, he was placed under arrest for criminal trespassing under the Family Violence Act and was transported to the Bartow County Jail without further incident.

Early morning argument turns physical
On Thursday, Nov. 26, at approximately 7:03 a.m., a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched in reference to a domestic report.

Upon arrival, the deputy met with the victim, who stated she and her boyfriend, Andrew Abernathy, had been arguing all morning.

The victim stated they were arguing over personal problems and she told Abernathy she was going to bed.

“He then became irritated and started grabbing my hair and struck my mouth with his fist, causing my bottom lip to bleed,” the victim said. She also mentioned that Abernathy struck her in the side of her facial area, causing a slight cut above her left eye.

The deputy observed the physical evidence to the victim’s face and lip. Abernathy stated he had been drinking a lot of alcohol since the early hours of that same morning. He said the victim and he had been arguing over personal problems and he became angry with her. Abernathy stated that both parties became physical, but no physical evidence was observed on Abernathy’s person.

Due to the testimonial and physical evidence, Abernathy was handcuffed and placed under arrest as the primary aggressor and was secured in the back seat of the deputy’s patrol car.

The victim was advised that a report would be taken and was also given a domestic violence and stalking pamphlet. Abernathy was transported to Bartow County Jail without further incident.


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