‘Every Christmas Story Ever Told ... and then some!’ opens Friday in Adairsville

For Jesse Evans, portraying scores of characters in “Every Christmas Story Ever Told ... and Then Some!” will be an “exhilarating” experience. Along with himself, the Calhoun resident will be embodying Bob Cratchit, Fred, Frosty, Clarence Oddbody and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, among others, in the comedy.

“To go through as many stories as we do is rather entertaining, however taking on the many roles each person does is extremely challenging so it was but a joy and a test of skill at the same time,” Evans said. “... It’s rather exhilarating to be able to let everything go in the world during our show and just be able to embrace the season as we all once did as children.”

Opening Friday at 7 p.m., “Every Christmas Story Ever Told ... and Then Some!” will be performed at the 1902 Stock Exchange & Public Square Opera House, 124 Public Square in Adairsville.

“With every intention of performing a traditional — but musty — version of the beloved holiday classic, Charles Dickens’ ‘Christmas Carol’ for the umpteenth time, the cast reconsiders at the last minute and launches into a tribute to every Christmas story ever told,” said Susan Powell, who will be directing and acting in the upcoming production. “The result is an hilarious, madcap, high-energy romp through holiday traditions and stories.

“Audiences will love the delightful mash-up of ‘all things Christmas’ that includes a furiously festive and fast-paced tribute to all the other beloved holiday classics. The intimate setting at the Opera House will serve well as the actors break the ‘fourth wall’ and actually make the audience part of the show.”

Following the dinner theater’s opening performance, “Every Christmas Story Ever Told ... and Then Some!” will be presented Dec. 9, 15 and 16 at 7 p.m. Along with Evans and Powell, the play’s three-member cast will feature Mark Waters.

“This is the third year [me] and Mark have performed this show, and is the second year for Jesse,” Powell said. “While the production requires a lot of energy, mastering a ton of tantalizing tongue-twisters and a bazillion props, it has quickly become a favorite holiday tradition in [our] lives and [we] are so excited to share it with new — and returning audiences — this year.”

Echoing Evans’ comments, Waters also is delighted to portray a host of characters — some of which include himself, Scrooge, George, Santa and Hermie — in “Every Christmas Story Ever Told ... and Then Some!”

“I first read this play about six years ago while researching possible plays for our school group to perform,” Waters said. “I literally had to close my office door because I was laughing so hard. This play really does a great job of mixing comedy with warm nostalgic memories of some of our favorite Christmas things. ... [I sincerely] wish that everyone has a joyous Christmas season and that catching a performance of ‘Every Christmas Story Ever Told’ is part of that season.”

Tickets for “Every Christmas Story Ever Told ... and Then Some!” are $50 plus tax, which includes dinner and the theatrical performance. Reservations are required and can be placed by calling 770-773-1902.

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