$7,500 in cigarettes stolen from store
by Staff Report
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Approximately 150 cartons of cigarettes worth $7,500 was stolen from a gas station Wednesday night.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report, three suspects entered the Pilot on Cassville-White Road and, after a short time, walked behind the counter where the clerk was standing. The three suspects allegedly took “several boxes containing approximately 150 cartons of various brands of cigarettes,” according to the report.

The store’s surveillance cameras recorded the theft, but the store manager said the images could only be downloaded by the corporate office.

The suspects fled the area before the deputy arrived and he was unable to locate them.

Juvenile drags grandmother around house

A juvenile assaulted his grandmother Wednesday night after she believed he had been smoking marijuana.

Cartersville police were dispatched to the Akron Street residence in response to a domestic altercation. When the officer arrived on scene, four or five women were standing on the front porch and they said a juvenile, 14, had dragged his grandmother around the house. The juvenile was detained.

When the officer asked what had happened, the juvenile said his grandmother wanted to searched his pockets and he was not happy about it, so he attempted to leave.

The victim said the juvenile came home later than he was supposed to, and she knew he was under the influence of marijuana because of his bloodshot eyes and dry mouth, according to the report.

When the victim asked to see what was in the juvenile’s pockets, he began to avoid her. The juvenile walked into the bathroom and pushed her outside the door. The victim said she blocked the door and entered the room in order to see what was in the juvenile’s pockets. When the victim attempted to prevent the juvenile from leaving the house, she said she was holding onto him and he was dragging her around the house.

The victim said she reportedly saw the juvenile go out the back door and toss what appeared to be a plastic baggie containing an unknown substance. When the officer investigated the area, he reportedly found a small, plastic baggie of marijuana next to the trash can. Though the ground was wet and saturated, according to the report, the bag was dry. The juvenile said the marijuana was his and he had it two to three days ago. However, the juvenile said he did not throw it down that night.

The juvenile was charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act and possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce. When the officer spoke with a juvenile justice worker, he was told not to detain the juvenile and release him to his grandmother’s custody.

Gas thieves hit fuel tanks

Two gasoline thefts were reported Wednesday, with both cases involving punctured fuel tanks.

The first was reported just after noon on Twinleaf Court. According to the Cartersville police incident report, the victim said he went out to get his truck, and when he turned it on, he saw that his fuel gauge was low. After he filled his truck at a gas station with $25 in gasoline, the victim smelled gas when he arrived home and saw a trail of it on the street from under his truck.

The victim said he found a small hole drilled into his gas tank.

A second theft was reported at 2:16 p.m. on Parkview Drive. The victim said he left his truck in front of his home, and when he went to start it, he saw a puddle of liquid under his vehicle. The victim said he looked under his truck and found a small cut approximately 2 inches long in his gas tank.