'Which political party is really to blame for the mess...?'
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Dear Editor,

I am still waiting to read Letters to the Editor from my highly critical and very opinionated "usual suspects" stating how great our economy is and that it is getting better and better all the time.

With the unemployment rate still holding at 9.6 % President Obama continues to go around the country saying that his 800 Billion Dollar (plus) Stimulus Bill either created more jobs, saved more jobs, and the economy would have been worse off without it. On top of that, Vice President Biden says that we are in the "Summer of Recovery." Really? Who's kidding whom here? As time goes by we see that most of the stimulus money is being spent on farcical earmarks that have nothing to do with creating jobs, let alone long-term jobs. So much for so-called shovel-ready jobs.

President Obama now wants an additional 50 Billion Dollars to sink into the same financial hole. I wonder if he might want the unemployment rate to go up to 10% so that more people can get unemployment checks thereby getting more votes by showing his benevolence towards their financial plight.

President Obama also continues to blame the Republicans and George W. Bush in particular, for all of our country's economic troubles. Being a teacher of Constitutional Law he ought to know that all spending bills originate in the House of Representatives. Lets see, with a Democratic president (elected in 2008), and a Democratic majority of seats in both the Senate and the House of Representatives (since 2007) they now have, and has had, complete and total control of our government. This is Democrats watch now, not President Bush's. Even if all the Republicans vote "no" or chose to stay home and not vote at all the Democrats can have every issue they want passed. So, which political party is really to blame for the mess our country is still in?

In addition, this Democratic-controlled Congress doesn't have the guts to produce a budget or even act on the so-called "Bush Tax Cuts." They are afraid for fear that they will be held accountable by us voters on Nov 2. They have more time holding un-needed committee hearings so that a TV comedian can testify on how knowledgeable he is on immigration policy while cracking a few dumb jokes at the same time. Instead of running on their records they prefer to go back to their districts and call the Tea Party candidates racists, whores, and witches.

Unfortunately, my word count doesn't permit me to include items that are now coming to light in the catastrophic Obama Health Care "Deform" Bill.

If George W. Bush was still president my "usual suspect" friends would deluge the Letter to the Editor column for days on end moaning and groaning about the government's reckless deficit spending and the lack of urgency about getting this country back to work.

Sal Amico