@White=[C] Man fights back while being stabbed
by Staff Report
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On Friday around noon a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched to 155 Veech Loop, Adairsville, in reference to a fight that later was determined to be aggravated assault and terroristic threats. The victim who was sitting in his dining room floor covered in blood, told the officer he had been receiving threatening texts all morning from Aaron Morehead, according to the BCSO incident report.

The complainant claimed at 11:42 a.m. Moorehead came to his house. At that time he went to the end of his driveway to allegedly ask Moorehead to stop threatening him. That is when the two men began fighting. With Moorehead in a choke hold, the victim told him he would let him go if Moorehead would drop the axe handle and knife, which he had used to stab the complainant in the leg. Moorehead agreed to drop the items; however, when the victim turned to walk away, Moorehead allegedly hit him in the back of the head with the axe handle.

According to the incident report, the complainant showed the officer text messages from Moorehead stating he would kill the victim. Warrants for Moorehead’s arrest were taken and the victim was transported to Floyd Medical Center to receive treatment for his injuries.

Woman demands drugs and drives into house

The residents of 125 Smiley Ingram Road, Cartersville, called police Friday afternoon due to an encounter with an unknown woman. The complainants told the officer they heard a woman outside their house yelling. The woman, who voluntarily identified herself as Amber Nicole Samples, was parked in the carport and approached the victim while yelling that she wanted drugs, according to the BCSO incident report.

When the homeowner told Samples she did not know who she was, she did not have any drugs and to get off her property, Samples continued to approach her. At that time she went into her house and called 911. When she returned outside, Samples allegedly told her she had a .45-caliber pistol that she was not afraid to use. The resident told Samples she was speaking to a 911 operator and allegedly Samples yelled out her full name to give to the police. At that time the offender got into her car and started to back out of the driveway but stopped and then drove her car towards the resident in an alleged attempt to hit her. In response, the homeowner threw a rock toward the car and shattered the windshield.

Driving her car out of the driveway and down the street, she veered off the road, drove through the yard and ran her car into the side of the house. Once she hit the house, she drove back to the road and continued driving.

Warrants for aggravated assaults and terroristic threats were issued for Samples.