Campus crime rates remain low
by Amanda Stegall
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College campuses are not necessarily known for their criminal activity, and Bartow's Chattahoochee Tech and Georgia Highlands students have little to worry about.

"We haven't had anything happen here," Georgia Highlands College Director of Campus Safety John Upton said. "Students can call if anything happens. We have a number answered 24/7 for all campuses."

Chattahoochee's director echoed Upton that little activity has been seen on any of their campuses.

"If anything, it's minor, like petty theft," Willis Wade, campus safety director for CTC, said. "I had a statistician look at our reports and he said he could give us something back, but it would be nothing.

"We offer more than just security," Wade said. "If a student wants someone to walk her to her car after a night class, we can do that, or if someone needs their car battery jumped off, we have cables.

"We're also here when someone needs an ambulance or, if something happens, to make an arrest. All of our officers are certified police officers with arresting powers and proper training."

Wade also said that all officers undergo special training for active shooter situations to be prepared if an incident such as the one at Virginia Tech were to occur here.

Reacting to a recent attempt to break into the library cash register on the North Metro campus, Wade said that some petty crimes can carry significant consequences.

"That one," he said of the library, "can be a felony because it's damage to government property."

Overall, both colleges are safe havens for students, but caution is urged to all. Tips from both Upton and Wade include not leaving belongings unattended and being aware of surroundings, especially when walking out to parking lots after evening classes.

In case an officer is needed, students at Georgia Highlands may call 706-252-4813 any time from any campus. Students at Chattahoochee Tech may call the number for their respective campus as listed on the college's website. North Metro students may call 770-529-2311.