Cartersville budding musician starring on VH1 Classic show
by Marie Nesmith
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Cartersville resident Heather Williams is gaining nationwide exposure on VH1 Classic’s “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp.” Chris Ozment/Special
Cartersville resident Heather Williams is gaining nationwide exposure on VH1 Classic’s “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp.” Chris Ozment/Special
Currently starring on "Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp," Heather Williams is gaining nationwide exposure as she launches her music career. Filmed in Los Angeles over two weeks in February, the five-episode TV series premiered Oct. 16 and is airing Saturdays at 10 p.m. on VH1 Classic.

"It is scary," said Williams, a Cartersville resident, about watching the show's edited version. "It's almost like me [taking a video of] you and me coming home and I'm going to edit you how I feel like you should be, whether or not it's pieced together properly.

"I'm scared every time I watch it because of that. I don't know how I'm going to be edited but so far I'm extremely pleased with the way they've portrayed my band and myself. Everything is in a positive light."

According to, "This five episode series documents the real life dream inside every music fan -- becoming a rock star! In 'Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp' we'll follow 12 musicians ready to step out of their lives as 9-to-5'ers, truck drivers, teachers, dads and husbands and onto the stage. Over one week, our campers will form bands and rehearse ... culminating in a live performance at an iconic venue their own rock idols have conquered. With a few hiccups along the way, the journey will be anything but dull ... fights will erupt and stage fright will ensue, ensuring that only those with rock n' roll in their blood will make it!

"As if that doesn't sound hard enough, these campers will be learning the ropes from rock gods including Ace Frehley, Michael Anthony, Lita Ford, Lemmy Kilmister, Matt Sorum, Eddie Kramer and Bret Michaels. Our camp counselors/rock stars Rudy Sarzo, Kip Winger and Mark Hudson will be doling out tough love to the wannabe rockers ... but what doesn't kill them makes them stronger. We'll see campers evolve from quiet nice guy to loud sexy frontman ... timid drummer to a drum-pounding rock hero ... wannabe Slash to an ax-slinging force to be reckoned with!"

Presently a Realtor for Cartersville's Williams Properties, Williams is no stranger to tackling challenges that are outside of the box. Some of her previous stints have ranged from competing in ESPN's X Games in the Freestyle Motocross event and racing cars professionally to playing quarterback for the Atlanta Steam Lingerie Football League.

Williams was cast for the show after sending in a YouTube performance and auditioning for VH1 and Mark Burnett Productions. After learning about the opportunity from the founder of the Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp, her interest was piqued by the professional musicians attached to the show.

"I was just shocked when they did pick me because I know when you go through that many processes it's almost like getting a really big job," said Williams, a vocalist and guitarist. "You're going through a number of people in order to be able to get selected.

"[I wanted to participate] basically because of all of the different rockers that are involved, all of the different rock stars. I love music and I haven't been playing that long. Just starting out, I'm still in amazement of all these people," she said, specifically mentioning Sarzo, Ford and Michaels. "I'm just trying my best to learn as much as I can as fast as I can because I have a passion for music."

After being split into three bands, Williams and the other cast members had to take the stage in front of a live audience.

"Immediately the first day that we got there on the first episode, once we got selected into our bands, they had us perform that night in front of a huge crowd and we didn't even know each other," Williams said. "So they're putting everybody in these stressful positions. And even the songs -- they told us sometimes within 10 minutes before we went on stage what song we were going to play. And they try to do that to you so of course you're having mess ups but the people that they brought in, most of the people were skilled musicians or they could sing very well. ... [At the camp,] you learn how to dress.

"You learn your stage presence. You learn how to write a song with a group, and then you get on stage and you perform that song," she said, adding she has grown tremendously from this experience. "From there, [from] within the time frame since I've filmed that, I've actually done my first little EP or CD and I have some '80s rockers on there -- some guys from Meat [Loaf's band], another guy from Twisted Sister. The guy that produced it was in an '80s group called Trixter that had some Billboard hits. So yes, I definitely benefited from being on there by far."

To learn more about Williams and her self-titled CD, visit

Describing her music as "fun, guitar rock," Williams said, "I've been playing guitar for just around about two years. So all of this is just happening extremely fast. My goals with [music] would be to be out [on] tour and open up for a large act, like Van Halen or AC/DC, or something that's a fun rock, family-oriented type of music. That's kind of my whole goal. ... To me I'm just taking stepping stones ... to something bigger and better."

Her website also features details about her Rock 'N' Soldiers Project. Since January, she has mailed more than 50 care packages to military personnel. Donations are welcome, which will go toward purchasing items and shipping fees.