CelEARTHbration to feature wide range of vendors and attractions Saturday
by Marie Nesmith
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Radio and TV host Walter Reeves will be providing gardening advice at CelEARTHbration Saturday from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.  SPECIAL
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Known by many local green thumbs as The Georgia Gardener, Walter Reeves will be doling out gardening advice at CelEARTHbration Saturday. While the event is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Clarence Brown Conference Center -- 5450 State Highway 20 in Cartersville -- the radio and TV host will be appearing from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

"I will talk about fall gardening for about 30 minutes or so and then I will answer the most vexing garden questions, things that puzzle people the most," Reeves said. "If folks want to bring their little baggies full of weeds and seeds and photos of problems then I will diagnose them while they wait. There's no sense in going home and waiting for me to get around to it. I will do it while they stand there in front of me."

A retired Cooperative Extension Service agent, Reeves has hosted "The Lawn and Garden Show with Water Reeves" on Atlanta's WSB radio for 11 years. As with his Saturday radio show, participating in public events presents Reeves the challenge of fielding questions on a wide number of subjects.

"As of today [the most popular question is], 'Will the cold weather hurt my -- insert name of plant?'" Reeves said. "I guess with this season it's all about fescue lawns and pansies, protecting plants if there are any that need to be protected from the wintertime and just sort of the effect of weather on plants as it changes.

"I love the wide variety of questions that I get, which can be how do I grow kudzu to why is my orchid dying to I have rats in my attic to just everything people have in their environment that I can usually help them be more successful doing or dealing with."

Along with Reeves, CelEARTHbration will consist of nearly 90 vendors, a 22-foot diameter Earth Balloon that will serve as a classroom, world bazaar, farmer's market, kid's zones, fashion shows, food, an apple eating contest, rock climbing wall and The Trinity School's Mistletoe Marketplace, which will sell items that will support artisans residing in low-income regions around the world. Among the entertainment acts will be Bryan Gaynor and Remote Kontrol -- guest dancers on "So You Think You Can Dance," which will be performing for and instructing guests in their dance style.

"The basic purpose of the event is educating the public on the easiest ways of going green [that are] the most cost efficient, less money out of pocket," CelEARTHbration Coordinator Alyson Nesnick said. "[Going green is ] anything that's going to be more sustainable, that's going to cause less waste and just making things more energy efficient, making things more reusable instead of just throwaway. ... [We want people to know] that there's so many things that can be done that aren't [a lot of] extra work, that's not going to cost so much money. [And it is] going to help our county and it's going to help out with the economy by shopping locally.

"[We want to present] just a better understanding of what it really means. Because it does not mean that you have to now just ride a bike to work. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be off the grid and use no electricity except your own generated electricity. I think that people have the misconception that in order to even be a little green you have to go all out and you don't. Recycling is the major [way and] water conservation, just moderating it. We don't want people not to shower, but can you cut it back by a minute? Like at our house, we have all the water reduction heads for the faucets and it reduces your water usage by a third and that's not changing anything."

For Chattahoochee Technical College, this will be the second time the school will be participating in the event. This year, students from the North Metro Campus' horticulture program will be demonstrating the benefits of maintaining a green roof.

"I think [the event] blends well with what our program offers because with horticulture you're looking at the environment as a major component that we work in every day," said Environmental Horticulture Instructor Shane Evans. "There's more than just energy efficiency and those kind of things. It ties into us with protection of water, proper plant selection and placement, use of natives. ... What we will be doing this year is a green roof where we'll have a miniature house -- actually it's a dog house -- and then we'll show the public what kind of plants go in a green roof, what all goes into green roofs because you don't see a lot in this area.

"As you get down into the Atlanta market, you're starting to see more and more of those. [Our display] just kind of gives a brief demonstration of what a green roof is and what all's involved with it. One of the biggest [benefits] is having a green roof, having a living roof to a certain extent. But also heating and cooling, it helps aid in that. It helps reduce pollution as far as water pollution. It filters the water before it goes back into the environment."

For more information about CelEARTHbration, contact the event's host, Bartow Community Environmental Management System, at 770-387-5167.