Emerson approves zip code resolution
by Jason Lowrey
Aug 28, 2012 | 1839 views | 0 0 comments | 19 19 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Some Emerson residents may get an Emerson zip code in the near future, as the Emerson City Council approved a resolution to revise the 30173 zip code during its Monday night meeting.

The resolution allows City Manager Kevin McBurnett to start the revision process with the U.S. Post Office and federal government. If the process is approved, the Post Office will send out questionnaires on postcards to residents who live in the affected areas. Residents would be asked if they support or oppose the change, and only returned postcards are used to calculate the decision. However, McBurnett said many residents who live in Emerson, but do not have an Emerson zip code, support the revision effort.

Assistant City Manager Todd Heath explained the situation and believed the zip code revision would help bring the community together.

“I don’t have one with me, but if you were to see a map of the city limits of Emerson and the 30137 zip code, which is the Emerson zip code, they don’t coincide. The city limits expand beyond the 30137 zip code and the idea is to have those match so that residents have a feeling of community. That [way] there aren’t residents who live in the city limits of Emerson, but have a Cartersville address or Acworth address, or vice versa,” he said.

The zip codes and city limits mismatch has been a problem for a number of years, but it came to the forefront when the Love’s gas station came to Emerson, Heath added.

“Everyone noticed, ‘That’s Cartersville. I’m at McDonalds and I see on my receipt it says Cartersville.’ [That’s] something strange because everyone living in the community had 30137,” he said.

With LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center starting development it has become even more important for the city to get the zip code revised. Heath said many of the LakePoint pamphlets had Cartersville as its address rather than Emerson.

“So we really need to get out in front of this and get this taken care of,” he said.

The council also approved a resolution approving a Georgia Municipal Association lease execution for the city’s recently purchased JCB backhoe. The agreement locks in a 3.35 percent financing rate for the equipment, which McBurnett said was “pretty good right now.”

Under the lease agreement, the GMA will defer the first payment until next year. McBurnett said that worked in the city’s favor as there are funds in the 2014 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax funds for a backhoe purchase and Emerson will be able to pay off the lease. The city had originally planned to wait until next year to buy a new backhoe, but was forced to make an emergency purchase as the old backhoe was damaged when vandals put dirt in its gas tank.

Other council business included:

• Approving a Fiscal Year 2013 budget amendment.

• Hearing the first reading of the Bartow County animal control ordinance.

• Hearing the first reading of an ordinance creating a court administrative fee.

• Discussing issues such as the T-Mobile antenna on the city’s water tank, implementing a water leak policy, how to use the city’s new well and whether to put Freeport exemption and Sunday sales referendums on the November ballot.

The Emerson City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. at city hall.