Fire department hydrant testing schedule
by Staff Report
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Cartersville Fire Department will be partnering with Cartersville Water Department over the next several weeks as the fire hydrant testing process begins for 2011. Since hydrants do not get used on a regular basis, testing the hydrants helps identify any problems so they can be corrected, saving the fire department valuable time in the event of a fire. Accurate and current hydrant flow data also effects the communities insurance rating that has a direct bearing on the cost of residential and commercial insurance policies. Common problems include obstruction by shrubs, out of service valves, caps that cannot be removed, inadequate water pressure, insufficient water supply or broken lines. Testing of fire hydrants also has a long-term benefit, as it reduces iron deposits in the water system.

With more than 1,400 fire hydrants in Cartersville, the testing process has recently been re-evaluated and modifications have been made. The goal is to complete one-third of hydrants each year, establishing a three-year rotation for accurate flow data for the Water System; this is the second year of this rotation. This modified rotation will also conserve water. Testing will always take place Monday through Friday and will be completed by noon to allow ample time for any challenges that are encountered. The City is working hard to keep all residents and businesses informed of when testing will be taking place in their area. Signs with dates will be placed in the applicable areas prior to testing, phone messages will be sent out using the Connect CTY system and the media will receive the schedules ahead of time.

This process should not cause any inconvenience to the public, however, occasionally, testing the hydrants does stir up some sediment in the pipes, causing some minor discoloration. If this occurs, the water is perfectly safe for drinking, but please run your water until it is clear prior to washing any laundry. The city appreciates the public's patience when this critical testing is taking place in their area.

May 23

274 Briarpatch Lane

284 Briarpatch Lane

299 BriarPatch Lane

245 Parkview Drive

235 Parkview Drive

215 Parkview Drive

205 Parkview Drive

307 BriarPatch Lane

7 Twinleaf Court

311 Briar Patch Lane

322 Briar Patch Lane

C58-0000-0846 at Wellington Clubhouse

May 24

4 Canterbury Court

43 Wellington Drive

36 Wellington Drive

29 Wellington Drive

2 Stratford Lane

24 Stratford Lane

14 Stratford Lane

16 Wellington Drive

11 Wellington Drive

Wellington & Pine Grove

30 Chimney Lane

1 Chimney Lane

129 Cherokee Circle

36 Indian Trail

May 25

7 Casey Drive

Casey & Stewart

39 Casey Drive

7 Stewart Drive

26 Dabbs/end of Victoria

25 Stewart Drive

Rear Parking lot @ Football field

@ Basketball Court

7 Pine Grove Road

35 Pine Grove Road

57 Pine Grove Road

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103 Pine Grove Road

May 26

87 Lake Haven Drive

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7 Ferry VWS

Grove Park Circle & Lake Haven

32 Grove Park Circle

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27 Lake Haven Drive

6 Grove Park Circle

9 Lake Haven Drive.

Across street from 300 Pine Grove

Behind dental office

310 Pine Grove Road

Pine Grove & Douthit Ferry