Gifford pens ‘The Essence of Living Faith’
by Marie Nesmith
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Through his book, “The Essence of Living Faith,” Cartersville resident Michael Gifford is trying to help believers strengthen their faith.

“The book is focused on one chapter, which is Hebrews 11,” Gifford said. “That chapter has several people who were cited [for their] faith, like Moses and Abraham. ... You think about the challenges that people face in life — the difficulties we have — not just in today’s world but really all through the centuries, and people want something to hold on to. The book is just a reminder to them that God is still here and that if we will increase our faith through studying the Bible that he’s given to us that we can better handle the challenges that life throws at us.

“... Toward the end of the chapter he basically says there are a lot more that I don’t have time to cover here. It’s kind of a summary of the whole chapter and the whole picture that’s painted in the chapter and what impresses me about that is these were people that were just like us ... [but] they were just persistant and refused to let go. Even though everything around them was challenging them to give up on God, they refused.”

In January, “The Essence of Living Faith,” which is Gifford’s third book, was released by Hopkins Publishing.

According to a news release from Hopkins Publishing, “Many Christians struggle with their faith, and wonder if they have enough of it, or if it is really a saving faith. Michael Gifford, in his third book, after losing his own wife to cancer, brings us a rich study of what it means to have a living faith. With a very down to earth approach, Mr. Gifford offers thirteen insightful studies that will challenge Christians to grow in their faith, no matter where they are in their walk.

“Each chapter is followed up with thought-provoking questions and exercises that do more than bring a better understanding of the idea, but help to make the Christian’s faith one that is real and living. Mr. Gifford offers a depth of study that many Christians need, and does it in a way that all can take something away.”

Along with being an author, Gifford also is a member of Cartersville Church of Christ and the CEO of the Chinese Agape Foundation, a humanitarian aid organization that operates five care centers, also referred to as orphanages, in China.

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