Herschel Walker judges Miss Georgia USA at Woodland
by John DeFoor
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Saturday afternoon mixed martial arts and former Heisman Trophy winning football player Herschel Walker came to Woodland High School to judge the Miss Georgia USA pageant.

Walker has judged various pageants in the past including Miss Tennessee and Miss Georgia. He said that the similarity between football and the pageants is the level of competition while the difference is that of looks and presentation.

"In football it doesn't matter how you look, you just need to win," he said. "Whereas here you want to present yourself well. The way you speak, the way you carry yourself, the type of person you are -- that's very, very important what you do for others -- and that's what I look for in a young woman.

"Beautiful is how you feel about yourself. How you portray who you are," Walker said. "People think that God put us on this earth for ourselves, but he put us on this earth for him and for him meaning to help others. So that's what beauty is for me. Someone wants to give back.

"One thing Coach [Tom] Landry told me a long time ago is when you have an opportunity, give something back into your community. You don't just want to take something out of it but put something back.

"For me, judging Miss Georgia is important because being from Georgia -- I tell everyone I'm not just a product of Wrightsville and the University of Georgia -- I think I am a product of the state of Georgia. Anything I've done within this country, the state of Georgia has supported me. So whenever I can get back and do anything to support the people of Georgia I'm happy to do it. If it's Miss Georgia I'm happy to do it because I want to see her on a national scale go to Miss USA and win it. If I can be a part of it I'm happy to be because I think the state of Georgia has a lot of beautiful people, a lot of great people and they've helped me to be who I am."

Besides his involvement in MMA, Walker also has a food company in Savannah called Renaissance Man Food Services and a promotional company located in Alpharetta. He said he also is trying to be a dad. "I have a 12-year-old boy. He's my pride and joy."

Walker said he may consider returning to the NFL when he becomes 50.

"I said maybe when I'm 50 ... [I may] give it a shot just to show people that it can be done. I think sometimes people look at age and think age can't do anything but I'm here to say you can do whatever you want to do. You just have to be willing to do it. That's what I try to tell the girls here. It doesn't matter where you come from, it doesn't matter who you are. You can accomplish anything you want to if you're willing to work."