Home and Garden Show features latest ideas
by Matt Shinall
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From roofs and gutters to computers and software, the Northwest Georgia Home and Garden Show will offer guests a chance to find local businesses and learn about new trends.

Moving to Cartersville's Clarence Brown Conference Center last year, the Home and Garden Show will again feature a number of vendors in various industries as they present their goods and services.

Self-described "seasoned vets" of the home show circuit, C&C Gutters will display some of their products on a home mock-up built for their trade show participation.

"We actually built a new display this year. We've got a full roof, kind of like a mock-up of a house with a full water display with all the gutters, gutter guards and rain barrels, so it's a little different this year," said C&C Gutters President Nicole Hughes. "[The show] gives [guests] new ideas, every year we try to change things up, especially with spring time coming up and daylight being little bit longer, people like to get outside and do something on the exterior of their house.

"We try to stay up to date on knowledge on what's new in our field and what's different and things like that for people to use. And how to save water and reuse their water -- it may be educational items or things that they never think about."

Ever since Georgia entered a drought several years ago, rain collection barrels have proven to be a big hit for C&C Gutters.

Sustainability and conservation may once again be a trend at this year's show but contractors and do-it-yourself construction won't be the only offering on tap Saturday and Sunday.

Nathan Underwood of Cyber Tech Cafe is a returning vendor with plans for an in-depth demonstration showing the ins and outs of computer hacking and viruses.

"We're going to try to show people a little about how to keep their computers secure and we're going to do some demonstrations to show how hackers actually get in and do bad things," Underwood said. "We'll set up a couple of computers, one of the computers will be our victim and one of the computers will be our attacker. We'll show step-by-step how the attacker set up the attack and how the victim gets lured into the attack, what the attack does and what the attacker is then able to do completely unbeknownst to the victim."

Guests will get a look inside how malicious computer attacks are conducted and what they can do to protect their computers both at home and the office.

"They're going to have a better understanding of what the attackers are actually doing. We're also going to do the attack with anti-virus and without anti-virus. The attack without anti-virus will succeed, the attack with anti-virus will fail. That's going to demonstrate how your anti-virus actually protects you," Underwood said.

For Underwood, the show has been a tool for introducing his business and services to potential customers and getting his name out. Although many vendors won't be from Cartersville, a number of local businesses will be represented and Underwood too has through the show found businesses he didn't know about.

"It was a really good opportunity for people to come out and see the width and the depth of business represented in Cartersville," Underwood said.

The Northwest Georgia Home and Garden Show will be open to the public at the Clarence Brown Conference Center, 5450 Ga. State Route 20, Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. The event is organized by Rome Radio Partners, admission is $5 for adults and free to children 12 and younger.

For more information, visit www.notatlanta.org or call 770-606-5763.