Indy Productions 'pushes the envelope' making Top 25
by Matt Shinall
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Cartersville cinematographer Dustin Blake recently made the top 25 list of international event filmmakers.
SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News
Cartersville cinematographer Dustin Blake recently made the top 25 list of international event filmmakers. SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News
One local wedding videographer has made waves within his industry with a fresh look at the traditional wedding video.

Cartersville native Dustin "Blake" Siniard, owner of Indy Productions, won acclaim earlier this year with inclusion in the EventDV magazine's Top 25 All-Star list of event filmmakers.

"It's the highest honor you can get in the wedding video community," said Blake, as he is known professionally, comparing EventDV to publications, such as Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stones for the videography industry. "[EventDV] magazine is the magazine to be in. It's an industry thing, if you want to be recognized in that you have to bring something to the table.

"It's the Top 25 hottest, most influential event filmmakers in the world and it's voted on by other people doing what I do. Someone has to nominate you and then a bunch of people [vote]."

The vast majority of Blake's business consists of traditional wedding cinematography, but the work grabbing international recognition and responsible for his ranking among seasoned veterans falls far outside the definition of "traditional."

Stemming from an industry trend called "trash the dress," Blake creates sensual films in which the bride is captured in intimate scenes. Taking a new spin on wedding videos, many are highly sexual in content intended as private memories highlighting a bride's erotic beauty.

"The bride should be showcased," Blake said. "Putting wedding and sex in the same category is not talked about really, but it's there. It's stupid that a bride can't be looked at as sexy. They buy a real expensive dress and they should be the hottest person there.

"These kind of wedding videos are why I'm voted in, not because of my traditional stuff -- it's just the extreme tabooness."

The first wedding Blake filmed was his brother's in which he also participated. He described the video as "horrible" but has come a long way since. He learned the trade through practice and studying industry greats such as those found in the pages of EventDV.

Commenting on his unique perspective for capturing brides and weddings, EventDV reviewed the work done by Blake's Cartersville studio as "pushing the envelope."

"First-time EventDV 25 all-star Dustin Blake of Indy Productions has developed a rabid following for his work and his studio by taking wedding filmmaking to eye-popping extremes," stated EventDV magazine.

A recent EventDV magazine article showcased Blake's dark, Halloween-themed trash-the-dress film telling a haunting story. Shot at the Ryals-Davis Home on Old Alabama Road, the film featured a bride-to-be in various stages of undress attacked by her future husband turned vampire only to wake up finding it was all a dream -- or was it? Her dress, covered in fake blood, was for all intents and purposes "trashed," while other films -- such as a bride wading in the ocean and lying in the sand may, to some degree, be able to restore the dress after the trashing.

"The traditional is our bread and butter. It's really what we do. I'd say about 10 [percent] to 11 percent do the trash the dress," Blake said. "Your daughter is not going to wear [your dress] in 30 years. I have yet to do a wedding where she wore her momma's dress. ... [Trash the dress] is just a rebellious act I guess. Some brides just get it and some don't. Some girls take offense to it."

Blake hopes for continued growth, to expand into music videos and to add talent. Currently, he is the only full-time employee and looks forward to adding staff and crew members in his studio at 12 S. Erwin St. in Cartersville. For more information, visit or call 404-376-6919.