Kingston seeking new city clerk
by Jason Lowrey
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During the Kingston City Council’s regular meeting Monday night, Mayor Wanda Penson explained Kingston was in search of a new city clerk, as the previous clerk, Michelle Jones, is no longer with the city.

“I don’t know if everybody here [knows], but our city clerk is not with us now and that’s what we was just talking about ... we’ll have to put an ad in the paper. The reason why she’s not with us, when I come in I stated that she had to do her job and she just did not do her duties as she was supposed to,” Penson said. “Everybody has their duties of their job and she did not do hardly any of them.”

However, while the mayor removed Jones from her position as city clerk, the council was unable to confirm the action. Council member Mike Abernathy was not present during the meeting, and council member Chuck Wise recused himself from the vote, as he is related to Jones. As council members Harold Posey and Louise Howell did not form a full quorum, no vote could be taken.

“You have removed her, so that stands,” said City Attorney Brandon Bowen when Penson asked what the council’s next step was. “I guess at the next meeting if you put it on [an agenda] if you want it confirmed then.”

Bowen also noted Jones had the right, under the city charter, to address the council in regard to being removed from her position. He said Jones declined the opportunity.

Penson said an ad would be placed to fill the city clerk position.

Before the meeting began, Penson referenced the council’s previous work session and made an apology to city residents. During the meeting Abernathy and Jones exchanged words relating to Jones’ performance as city clerk.

“I’d like to apologize for some of the things that happened at the work session the other night. I just want to let everyone know that hopefully that will never happen again, getting out of order like that,” Penson said. “It will not happen again. I will have to put a stop to it before it gets like that. I just want to apologize for what happened, and from now on, we will do businesses in an orderly manner.”

Posey proposed a resolution relating to the Kingston Women’s History Club and the building it occupies. He said the resolution was intended to help clear up whether the city or the organization was responsible for the building’s maintenance. However, the resolution was tabled when Howell recused herself from the vote, as she is a member of the club, and the council did not have a quorum.

In other businesses the council:

• Elected Wise to be mayor pro tem.

• Announced a community meeting at the Queens Chapel Church Tuesday, March 4, at 5 p.m., where city residents are encouraged to bring historical photographs so they may be scanned and posted on a website.

• Approved changes to city employee job descriptions.

• Announced a work session, scheduled for Monday, Feb. 17, at 6 p.m., to work on the city’s budget.

The Kingston City Council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 3, at 7 p.m. at city hall.