Local author's book provokes imagination
by Mark Andrews
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Angela Moll of Cartersville recently published the children’s/young adult fiction book titled “The Fairies of Flitters Forest: Journey to the Flower Garden (Volume 1),” available through Barnes and Noble’s website, www.bn.com, and www.amazon.com.

“It is my first published work and honestly it’s more geared toward anybody that likes fairies, like Tinker Bell or anything like that. I actually envision where parents or grandparents can read to the children who can’t read, at night read a chapter ... and then who can read, it’s actually not too advanced,” Moll said. “It has some big words, but not many. It’s enough for them to ... read and understand it on their own and then of course for the people like me, who like fairies.”

She said the inspiration for the work came after watching a televised appearance by a well-known fiction writer.

“Honestly, I started writing it a little over 12 years ago and the person who actually inspired me, believe it or not, was J.K. Rowling, the lady who did the ‘Harry Potter’ books,” Moll said. “I was flipping channels and I heard her reading a part of the book and I stopped and went back and thought, ‘Wait a minute, I like this, this is something I would probably enjoy,’ so I got the books, started reading them and the more I got into them, the more I thought, ‘You know, I have an imagination just like that one, so I could probably do something like this.’”

She continued, “When I finished reading her books, that’s when I actually started writing this one. Unfortunately it did take a while for me to finish it. I worked really hard and really fast, I had it almost done — I probably had it 75 percent done in a really quick time, but then I ended up going back to school and got my bachelor’s, got my master’s, changed jobs, did some other stuff and then finally I got back into it.”

She said her family has been supportive throughout her creative endeavors. When not writing fantasy fiction, Moll works as a program manager for a technology company.

“[Writing has] been a part of me forever. To be honest, if I had the opportunity I probably would have worked for Disney, Pixar, or any of those folks because the whole idea of someone coming up with something from their head that is unbelievable, how in the world can people do that, and I’ve always loved it,” Moll said. “I love the fact that people can think outside the box and use their imagination and come up with something that is so unbelievable, but they can make it so real.”

In the book, a young woman named Emma is pulled into the world of fairies, according to the book’s description on Amazon.com.

“[Emma] soon comes to the realization that it’s not exactly as she had imagined. As she continues her adventure with the Fairies of Flitters Forest, she learns that if you have an imagination and are willing to take a chance... everyone can make a difference in our amazing world full of many unknowns,” the description states.

Moll herself said imagination is not something simply reserved for a book.

“I’m a big believer in building children and everybody being able to just use their imaginations and I think your imagination helps you so much in your real-world life in everything you do,” Moll said. “If you encounter a problem, if you use your imagination you can get out of that problem, you can figure different ways out without being stuck. I think it’s important for everybody to have an imagination.”

Moll will sign and sell copies of her book Saturday, April 5, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Open Door Christian Book Store, 241 S. Tennessee St., Cartersville.