Man on trial for alleged attempted rape of ex-girlfriend
by Shaka S. Lias
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Testimonies in the trial of Joseph Allen Wilson Jr. began Tuesday afternoon in Judge David Smith's courtroom.

According to opening statements from Assistant District Attorney Rosemary Greene, on the morning of May 18, 2010, Wilson entered into the victim's home, took off his clothes with the exception of underwear, and laid in bed with her.

Greene told jurors that Wilson also threatened to "blow her head off" if he wasn't allowed to see his daughter.

He was originally charged with attempted rape and possession of a firearm during commission of a crime. However, Judge Smith later found him not guilty of the firearm charge and instructed the jury they would not have to decide on that charge.

A Bartow County deputy who was dispatched to the scene, testified that the alleged victim was "visibly upset" but didn't have any visible injuries. He testified that he found a pair of broken sunglasses. They were the same glasses the victim said Wilson threw against the wall during their argument.

The alleged victim said their relationship ended in the beginning of 2010. The woman, who has a young daughter with Wilson, testified that on that morning she walked her older son to the bus stop and came back inside and later was awakened from a deep sleep to find Wilson in her bed.

"I woke up and Joey's hands were around my neck," she testified.

The victim said it didn't feel like he was trying to choke her, but more like a controlled hold.

She told jurors that Wilson kissed her and fondled her private parts. She testified that she asked him to stop at least four times.

"I wanted him to stop kissing me, get off me. I wanted him to leave, I didn't want him to be there," she said.

She testified that Wilson didn't have anything on except underwear, and he attempted to take her pants off.

The victim told jurors that an argument between her and Wilson escalated before he eventually left. She then called her pastor and a friend that works at the sheriff's office.

Wilson was arrested on May 24. The jury heard an audio interview between him and investigator William Rios with the Bartow County Sheriff's Office.

On the audio, Wilson told the investigator that he had approval to come to the house to see his daughter. He said he talked to the victim the prior night and she told him it was okay to come.

Because the victim had taken her keys back from Wilson and had the locks changed, she left the door unlocked.

"It's normal for her to have the door unlocked if she knows I'm coming over," Wilson said during his interview.

According to Wilson, he came in the house, undressed, got in bed with her and kissed her on the neck.

"She never told me to get out of bed," Wilson told Rios.

Herbert Schlanger, attorney for Wilson, told jurors during opening statements, which he saved until after testimonies, that this is a case of an ex-girlfriend getting back at Wilson.

"When he was told to stop, he stopped. There are two different stories being told," Schlanger said.

According to Schlanger, his client did want to rekindle the relationship, but not by having sex against the victim's will.

"If it was an attempt to rape and the means were available to carry through, why wasn't it?" Schlanger posed to the jury.

Testimonies will resume today with the defense calling more witnesses, the state rested.