Man with gun arrested at CMC
by Staff Report
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After allegedly threatening a woman with a gun and being driven to Cartersville Medical Center Monday, one man is now in jail.

According to a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office press release, deputies were dispatched to CMC at approximately 8:39 a.m. in reference to a man with a gun at the emergency room entrance. Two deputies arrived on the scene within two minutes of the call, the release states.

The deputies met with hospital security, who had Harris Lee Holiday, 52, of Morrow, in custody.

After speaking with witnesses, according to the release, the deputies concluded Holiday arrived at the hospital after allegedly showing a gun to an acquaintance and demanding she take him somewhere. The woman, Holiday, and another witness in the car told deputies Holiday showed them the gun and they were afraid he would hurt them.

The woman drove to CMC and the man reportedly jumped out of the car to get security.

Deputies found the pistol in the car and later determined Holiday was a convicted felon. He was arrested and charged with false imprisonment, aggravated assault, possession of firearm by convicted felon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. Holiday was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

In a separate statement, Ginger Tyra, director of marketing and public relations for CMC, said the incident was contained outside the hospital. The suspect never entered the building, the release states, and “at no time were there any patient or staff security issues or shots fired.”

<*C>Man tries to stab wife to smoke weed

When one man wanted to smoke marijuana in his car, he allegedly tried to stab his wife.

A BCSO deputy responded to the Whispering Pine Lane residence Sunday night in response to an aggravated assault call. According to Bartow County dispatch, the victim said her husband, Angel Bermudez Jr., tried to stab her. She said he was sitting in his vehicle and still had the knife on him. When a deputy arrived, he approached a black vehicle in the driveway and knocked on the passenger-side window.

According to the report, the deputy could smell an “overwhelming” scent of marijuana. When Bermudez would not open the door, the deputy said he was not concerned with the marijuana and asked him to open the door.

Bermudez exited the vehicle and reportedly said, “I’m at home and in my car.” When asked if he had any knives or weapons with him, Bermudez said no. After a pat-down, the deputy found a red-handled steak knife in his jacket pocket. Bermudez said he forgot about the knife.

While speaking with the victim, the deputy was told Bermudez asked her to give him the car keys so he could sit in the car and smoke marijuana. The victim said she knew he had more marijuana in the car, according to the report, and she “did not want him smoking a whole lot.” As they argued over the car keys, the victim said, Bermudez reportedly told her he was going to stab her. He then went back into the house and came out with a kitchen knife. Bermudez allegedly swung the knife at the victim’s left shoulder, but she was able to step back and avoid the blade.

The victim then gave Bermudez the keys. She told the deputy she became submissive so she did not anger him. She then locked herself in the residence and called 911.

Bermudez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act and possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce. The kitchen knife and marijuana were taken into evidence.

Intoxicated man flees police through woods

An intoxicated man ran from Cartersville police Saturday night when he thought he had a probation warrant for his arrest.

A Cartersville officer saw a man stagger through the Bartow Motel parking lot on Joe Frank Harris Parkway; he attempted to check on his welfare, according to the report. When the officer attempted to speak with the man, later identified as Daniel Worthington, he first approached the officer’s vehicle. However, when the officer stepped out of his vehicle, Worthington allegedly turned around and began to sprint away.

The officer followed Worthington, ordering him to stop. Worthington reportedly ran into a wooded area behind the motel and the officer lost sight of him. Multiple Cartersville police officers and Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene in order to find Worthington. A Cartersville officer found him in the area of Tennessee Street and Mimosa Drive.

Worthington was noted as emitting a “strong” odor of alcohol and slurring his speech. According to the incident report, he spontaneously said, “I ran because I thought I had a probation warrant out for my arrest.”

Worthington was arrested and charged with public drunkenness and obstruction of officers. He was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Auto shop broken into for fifth time

A Cartersville auto repair shop was burglarized for the fifth time early Friday morning.

According to the BCSO report, the owner said a suspect broke into a vehicle parked outside his garage and attempted to break into the garage itself. The owner said he had previously filed another report in November after a suspect stole a number of transmissions that had been on his property. The owner mentioned a suspect, according to the report, as he had heard rumors the individual took the transmissions back.

A Chevrolet Trailblazer on the property reportedly had an aftermarket CD player and radio amplifier stolen out of it. The owner did not know the make or model of the electronics, but he said it would cost him “a couple hundred dollars” to replace them, according to the report. However, he said nothing appeared to be missing inside the garage.

Security footage showed the unknown suspect break into the Trailblazer between the hours of 3 and 4 a.m. Friday. The suspect could not be identified as he had a hooded sweat shirt pulled over his head. The owner said he would hand footage from the burglary, and transmission theft, over to BCSO investigators.

Stripped vehicle found on Belmont Drive

A vehicle stripped to the point it could not be identified was found on Belmont Drive in Cartersville Saturday night.

The vehicle was found in the undeveloped area of the Carter Grove subdivision, according to the Cartersville police incident report. A witness said he left his home at 6:30 p.m. and the vehicle was not there. When he returned home at approximately 9:30 p.m., he saw it sitting in the middle of the road.

According to the report, the “vehicle was stripped beyond recognition.” A Honda logo was found on the steering wheel, but the vehicle could not be identified, as the license plate and vehicle identification number were missing.

After checking records, a report filed Dec. 8 was found reporting a green 1998 Honda Accord as stolen. However, due to the missing VIN, a match could not be when the report was filed.