McDonald's customer escorted out after becoming upset with order
by Staff Report
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A McDonalds customer was escorted off the restaurant's property Sunday morning after becoming irate about his order.

According to a Bartow County incident report, a officer was dispatched to the Cass White Road location, and upon arrival, the officer met with the manager who stated that the customer took his receipt and threw it at a cashier when she was reading the order back to him. Before the cashier could get the manager to correct it or refund the money, the customer began cursing and yelling, the report states.

The officer states he took the customer outside because he was loud and there were children inside. The customer admitted to being upset and said he just wanted his money or food.

The manager objected to pressing charges and just wanted him off the property. The customer's money was refunded and he left the property without further incident.

Deer dumped illegally

A Bartow County officer found a dead deer to be the source of illegal dumping on Sunday morning just before noon.

The complainant reported seeing a vehicle dump a deer at 15 Moss Landing Road in Acworth and speed off toward the Cherokee County line. The officer said he observed and took photos of a deer that was recently shot. The antlers, shoulder straps and tail were cut off and the deer was dumped 30 feet from the main road in a gravel driveway.

The officer had dispatch contact the Forest Rangers, but they could not respond to the scene without tag information.

Man, son fight over stolen pills

Bartow County officers responded to a domestic violence battery call at 72 Valley Trail S.E. in Acworth Sunday afternoon. Upon arriving on the scene the officer met with the complainant who said that his son stole pills from him, hit him and ran from the residence.

According to the incident report, the officer observed that James Michael Taylor, 54, had a cut above his left eye and was bleeding from his mouth and nose. The officer also stated that he observed the complainant to be "obviously intoxicated on prescription medication."

The report states that a witness said he walked into the house and heard Taylor yelling at the juvenile about his pills. When he came in the living room, Taylor was choking the juvenile. The witness said the juvenile told Taylor to get off him and punched him in the eye and nose area to get free of being choked. The juvenile then left the residence.

The officer observed the juvenile had bruised finger marks on the side of his neck consistent with being choked. EMS was called but both men refused medical treatment. Taylor was arrested and charged with battery under the Family Violence Act, cruelty to children (FVA) and simple assault.

Public indecency

A Bartow County officer responded to a public indecency call at Mt. Olive Church on Sunday afternoon.

According to the incident report, the complainant found Christopher Starr McGrew, 20, of Redcomb Drive, naked on the steps of the Fellowship Hall. He told the officer that he found McGrew's clothing and cell phone farther down on the church property. The complainant stated that they wrapped McGrew in two tablecloths and walked him to the parking lot away from the church and crowd.

The officer said he attempted to talk to McGrew but he would not respond. EMS was called, while waiting on them to arrive the officer stated he attempted to talk to McGrew again but he would not respond or open his eyes. McGrew laid down on the ground partially under a vehicle, the incident report states.

McGrew was released to Bartow County EMS and taken to Cartersville Medical Center.

He was arrested and charged with public indecency, three counts of obstruction of an officer by violence, three counts of obstruction EMT by violence and battery.

Woman attacks another over remarks about late husband

A Bartow County officer responded to an assault call Sunday night at 6649 Glade Road in Acworth.

Upon arrival the officer met with the complainant who said she was in the store when two white females pulled up in a blue Dodge Charger. A passenger, whom the woman recognized, got out.

The suspect then called her a name and began to attack her.

The victim said the suspect hit her in the face several times and pulled her hair, adding she didn't know why the woman attacked her. The officer reported observing a large knot on the complainant's forehead and visible swelling and redness in her facial area.

After the attack the suspect got back in the car and left. The officer checked the area with negative contact.

Shortly afterward, dispatch advised that the alleged attacker called in requesting to speak to the officer. The officer asked her what happened and she said the complainant had been talking bad about her late husband for several days. She said when she saw the complainant at the store she "lost control and begin attacking her," the report states. She said she knows she should not have hit her.

The officer had dispatch make a copy of the recorded conversation with the alleged attacker and a warrant for battery was issued for her.