Missing mother 'alive and well'
by Jessica Loeding and Shaka Lias
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Wazineh Suleiman, who went missing Friday night, has been found alive.
Wazineh Suleiman, who went missing Friday night, has been found alive.
After six days of unknown whereabouts, the mystery of Wazineh Suleiman remains just that -- a mystery.

Thursday morning Bartow County Sheriff Clark Millsap told a Daily Tribune News reporter that he was "tickled to death" that the mother was found. He said he was contacted by a sheriff in another county and told that Suleiman had been located Wednesday night. He declined to say which county. However, he did say local authorities spoke with Suleiman.

Millsap announced during a press conference Thursday that the case is closed, and the 30-year-old mother of five who disappeared Friday night will not be charged. According to a statement from his press conference, no criminal wrongdoing were found.

Millsap's statement was:

"The case of Wazineh Suleiman is closed. She is in a safe location; she is alive [and] she is well. She does not wish at this time to let anyone know where she is. We will respect her wishes as law enforcement officers. She made that request so we will not tell anyone where she is. Why she left is her business not ours.

"Our main concern was to make sure that she was safe and we discovered that. [I] can't tell you where she is per [her] request. Anything that's going on at her residence is her business and her husband's business, I don't have any comments about that. But our case...we've done a little bit more interviewing with her, there is no criminal case to be filed against anyone. This case is now officially closed. Thank you."

Abed Suleiman, 32, did answer a phone call from a Daily Tribune News reporter, but declined to comment on the discovery of his wife of 14 years.