New book inspires Christians to 'step up'
by Mark Andrews
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Acworth resident Sara Hines Martin says her most recent book, “Stepping Up to Spiritual Maturity: The Stages of Faith Development,” aims to inspire Christians to examine and improve their lives.

“Through my work as a pastor’s wife, I began to wonder about the behaviors of some church members. The denomination had a history of firing pastors and behaviors like that that I didn’t feel matched Christian belief, so I began wondering why those things happened and I concluded it was spiritual immaturity,” Martin said. “Then, when I became a counselor, I did research and found that had already been documented.”

The book outlines the steps of spiritual maturity based on findings by an Emory University professor.

“... What I concluded [was] that people often, as they move through their stages of faith development, they remain at a spiritually immature level, so that is what the book is about,” Martin said. “It outlines the stages of faith development and tells how to become spiritually mature.”

She continued, “I think we’ve never had this information before. For example, the stages of emotional maturity, that many people get stuck at a judgmental stage. First of all, it gives information and tells what the stages are that we just haven’t noticed before and so when you read that maybe you’re stuck at a judgmental stage, that will inspire you to move to a more mature stage which is less judgmental and more loving.

“Those are the ultimate tests of spiritual maturity: how accepting are you in contrast to being judgmental, also, how much do you love. The Bible says the early Christians were known by their love and too often now, we have a lot of conflict between Christians. Hopefully the book inspires you to examine your own life ...”

Martin works as a therapist in private practice in Kennesaw. She can be reached at 770-975-7980. Her books are available for purchase at and