New investor, developer offers unique incentives
by Matt Shinall
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Tomas Realty Investors Inc. has recently purchased The Shops at West Avenue, offering unique leasing opportunities.  SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News
Tomas Realty Investors Inc. has recently purchased The Shops at West Avenue, offering unique leasing opportunities. SKIP BUTLER/The Daily Tribune News
Starting his first development in Cartersville, Tomas Jorglewich, of Tomas Realty Investors, brings with him a unique opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.

Jorglewich founded his retail development firm in 2005 with the aim of empowering small business while investing in his own. The Shops at West Avenue is a Tomas Realty property offering a unique set of incentives for new leasees.

"Name Your Own Lease" is proclaimed by a sign on West Avenue and Jorgelwich adds that no reasonable offer will be refused. On top of this promotion, Tomas Realty offers new businesses a $10,000 bonus for joining the property.

"I just take probably a little different approach from most property owners. I look at it more as a partnership," Jorglewich said.

The $10,000 is paid when the renter moves in and opens for business on a five-year lease. The signing bonus is meant for bettering their business, but Jorglewich said there are no stipulations attached to the incentive. Along with offering help up front, Tomas Realty continues to invest in his tenants through continuing education. For Jorglewich, many of his renters are first-time business owners and his method has thus far proven effective in properties throughout the metro area.

"All of my properties in Atlanta are 100 percent leased and it's mainly because I do free consulting for my businesses, free personal mentoring. So, I take a more active approach in trying to help a business survive, especially in these times and that approach has been pretty successful for me so far," Jorglewich said.

The idea came to Jorglewich during his career as a real estate broker. In working with developers, he found they often knew little about their tenants or their businesses. This approach made little sense to Jorglewich, later inspiring his own venture.

"I always thought it was really odd because you've got such a huge investment and you don't know anything about your tenants and, if you don't have tenants, you don't have anything," he said. "They always seemed to be real successful but their properties always had a lot of vacancy, and as I bounced around I thought, 'What if someone took a different approach and kind of partnered [with tenants]?'"

Jorglewich has had his eye on Cartersville for some time, and he now has plans to move to Bartow County along with his dad while Tomas Realty will be relocating into the 779 West Ave. facility.

"On the west side, I know it was doing pretty well before everything happened. I imagine at some point that's going to come back, and I'm hoping to get in on it now before it does and kind of position myself because I imagine in about two or three years it's going to come back," Jorglewich said.

The incentives are open to anyone. Although prior retail experience is preferred, Jorglewich said desire and work ethic are the most important characteristics.

"If I meet someone that really wants to make it work, that's the key," Jorglewich said. "If someone is willing to work hard and understands what it takes to own a business and be successful but hasn't had experience, that's OK because I've got it."

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