Officers tase man holding hammer
by Staff Report
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Cartersville police tased an “irate” man holding a hammer Tuesday night after he made suicidal threats.

While en route to the Parr Wade Road residence, officers were told the suspect, later identified as Daniel Alan Sloan, was bipolar, depressed and making suicidal threats, according to the incident report. The dispatch operator also said Sloan had a history of suicide attempt and had a hammer.

At the scene, two witnesses who were related to Sloan said he was inside and had a hammer. Both witnesses asked the officers not to hurt Sloan. As an officer spoke to one of the witnesses about there being any weapons in the residence, Sloan walked out through the front door while reportedly holding a green claw hammer in his right hand. Sloan allegedly raised it in a manner to strike one of the other officers. The officer stepped back from Sloan and pulled out his service weapon, while another officer pulled out his taser.

Additional Cartersville Police Department officers arrived on scene as backup. Sloan reportedly began yelling at the officer to shoot him. The officer ordered Sloan to drop the hammer.

When Sloan allegedly took a stop toward three officers in front of him, he screamed, “tase me, [expletive].” He was then tased.

According to the report, Sloan seemed to be fighting the taser and appeared as though he was still attempting to get to the officers. When one of the officers moved to handcuff Sloan, one of the witnesses reportedly rushed toward the group and said, “You shot him. You shot him.” The officer explained Sloan had been tased, rather than shot. The witness then said, “You were only supposed to talk to him, not shoot him.” The second witness reportedly screamed profanities at the officers, but did not approach them.

While he was handcuffed and laying on the ground, Sloan reportedly banged his head into the ground at least twice. He was then moved to a grassy area so he could not harm himself further.

Emergency medical services later arrived on scene and said they would not transport Sloan unless he was in custody. Sloan reportedly said he would not get into the ambulance, so a CPD officer transported him to Cartersville Medical Center. As he was being transported to CMC, Sloan said he did not want to go back to the mental hospital, that he “just wanted to die,” according to the report. When he was at the hospital, Sloan reportedly said, “I don’t want to kill myself, but I want to die.” Sloan was admitted for mental health treatment.

Sloan was charged with four counts of aggravated assault.

2-year-old’s 911 call leads to marijuana arrest

While responding to a welfare check on a 2-year-old boy who called 911, a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested a man for marijuana possession.

Tuesday morning a complaintant spoke with the deputy about his 2-year-old son calling 911 numerous times. The complaintant said that after he looked through the call log on his cell phone he found no deputies had been sent to his Etowah Ridge Trail residence.

The complaintant said he called 911 to ask why a deputy had not been dispatched to his home and he was told his phone did not give them an exact location and dispatch could not pinpoint the call. The complaintant gave Bartow County Dispatch his address and asked for a deputy to be dispatched for his and his son’s welfare. When shown the cell phone, the deputy did note multiple calls made to 911. The deputy asked to be allowed inside, and the complaintant said yes.

The deputy could smell marijuana coming from the living room, according to the report. Sleeping on the couch in the living room was Franklin Dupree. After Dupree woke up and got off the couch a “glass smoking apparatus” was found where he was laying, according ot the report. Dupree said it was his and admitted to using it. He also admitted to having marijuana on his person.

Dupree was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce.

Fake $100 bill used at Sonic

A fake $100 turned up Monday night at Sonic on Joe Frank Harris Parkway.

The manager said two women in a green SUV tried to pay for their food with a fake $100 bill. An employee said she received the bill when she took the women their food. When the employee took the bill to her manager, the women allegedly drove away with the food. According to the employee, it looked as though they were living out of the vehicle, and one of the women made a joke about being in the middle of moving.

Footage from a video camera would be available at a later time, according to the report.