The Chosen Movement kicks off Friday
by Marie Nesmith
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Through The Chosen Movement, Lane Bonney hopes his fellow high schoolers will be “shaken for Christ” and become disciples during this pivotal time in their lives.

“The name for ‘The Chosen Movement’ is based off of Scripture in 1 Timothy 1:12-17, where in Paul’s letter to Timothy, Paul talks about how God has shown him an abundance of grace and mercy despite of how wicked and rebellious he once was against God,” said Bonney, a junior at Cartersville High School. “He goes on to explain how God has used him since then. The objective is that we want to see our peers at all our local schools come to know Jesus and realize his plan for them, which involves discipleship to their friends and peers as well. Bottom line is we want to see our schools in the area shaken for Christ, and we hope to see God do that through this movement.

“I have been one of the planners/organizers/coordinators for this kickoff, and will continue to be indefinitely for this movement. There are several notable people who have helped me plan this. They are Avery Brackett, junior, Cartersville High School; Holly Mitchell, junior, Cartersville High School; Allison Vielhaber, junior, Cartersville High School; and Drew Startup, [minister to students], Cartersville First Baptist. This movement was originally going to be just intended for Cartersville High School students, as you can see; but by some advice and several months of planning we decided to open it up. We want as many people to be impacted by the Gospel as possible. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.”

On Friday, The Chosen Movement will kick off at Cartersville First Baptist Church, 241 Douthit Ferry Road. After a complimentary, cookout-style dinner is served outside at 5:30 p.m., the doors will open at 6 p.m., with the worship service starting at 6:30 p.m. The program will feature a band and Cartersville High School junior Tanner Paige will deliver the message.

“We support our students in Bartow County, especially when it comes to the subject of their faith in Christ,” Startup said. “This movement is talking about discipling other students to grow in their faith. So we are excited about these students being willing to grow in their faith and excited in taking another step in their journey in their relationship with Christ. So anything that these kids are wanting to grow, we want to support that.

“... Even in the Bible, God has shown us time and time again how he blesses those efforts but also how spiritual awakening has even come from the desire from students. I think about 1 Timothy 4:12 that says, don’t look down on the young because they’re young but allow them to set an example in life, in speech, in purity, in faith and in love. So these kids are stepping out of their comfort zone and being able to take a stand and be leaders in our community even at a young age.”

After The Chosen Movement is introduced on Friday, Bonney said the ministry will continue to grow in the future.

“Many past events have attempted to do what our same goal is, and while they were still very effective in their mission, they failed to do what many students our age need. Which happens to be that extra encouragement and accountability in their faith,” Bonney said. “There has been no follow-up for students who have made life-changing decisions at these past events. What I feel is good about The Chosen Movement is it’s the beginning of a ministry, where students will come together to help build each other up and grow in Christ. That’s exactly what God calls us to do.

“We hope to continue this ministry throughout the summer and the school years to come. Every couple weeks or so, we plan to have a get-together. This could be meeting at Dellinger for a game of basketball and a devotion, or a prayer walk at Pine Mountain or Red Top. This has the potential to go much farther than anything else like it attempted before.”

Bonney continued, “We are keeping it to just high school students — for now — for these reasons. High schoolers tend to set the tone for everyone. They are role models for younger people, and are old enough to have the potential to gain adults’ respect. Anything teenagers do in society and culture soon becomes what the rest of society starts doing. The reason high school students should being seeking Jesus now is that following Jesus is a process that starts now. It’s never been more important to reach a lost world for Jesus because every day is closer to the end, either for yourself or the world. Our job as Christians is to make disciples, so that is our whole objective behind what we call a ‘discipleship movement.’”

Based on his spiritual walk, Bonney wants others to experience God’s love and guidance in their lives.

“God has impacted my life in several ways,” Bonney said. “I was raised in church and in a loving family all of my life. I thought growing up I had it all together, that I knew everything I needed to know about being a Christian and I had done everything I needed to get to Heaven. But the summer after my freshman year of high school, I found out I was all wrong.

“Since I recommitted my life to Christ that summer, God has done and continues to do so much for me. ... God has also revealed to me what his plans are for me, which will be going to school for ministry after the completion of my senior year of high school. God continues to work in my life in ways I could never imagine, and I love to watch him do the same in other people’s lives as well. We hope to see Cartersville First Baptist Church’s auditorium filled with all our local high school students this Friday declaring Jesus’ name with us, with students represented from Cartersville High School, Excel Christian Academy, Woodland High School, Cass High School and Adairsville High School. Lots of prayer and planning has gone into this, and you don’t want to miss it.”

More information about The Chosen Movement can be obtained on Twitter/Instagram @chosenmovt, via email at or to receive mobile updates text @chosenmovt to 803-619-6937.