Woman and two others attempt to hide her identity
by Staff Report
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After receiving an anonymous tip, an officer was dispatched to an address in Cartersville on Thursday around 2:33 p.m. in an attempt to locate two possible wanted suspects with warrants in different counties of Georgia.

Upon arrival, the officer saw a woman run out the back door. She saw the officer and ran back into the house as the officer shouted for her to stop. A man exited the house and identified himself with the name of one of the suspects. He was placed in hand restraints. The fleeing woman sat on a couch. The officer put her in hand restraints until he could ascertain why she originally attempted to flee. The woman gave the officer a name and the man provided the same name for that woman. The man was placed under arrest for an outstanding warrant for child support obligations.

Another woman was in the house watching over several children on scene. She identified the first woman with the same name as previously given. She suggested the woman did not have any identification information at the residence because she had just recently moved in. This second woman was placed in custody for an outstanding warrant but not as the wanted suspect the officer was originally there for. The first woman's identity remained in question.

The first woman provided a date of birth and dispatch found no outstanding warrants for that name and birth date. However, that particular name had a description of a woman who was 5 foot 8 with blue eyes. This woman was 5 foot 3 with brown eyes. The woman maintained that the name provided was her name. The officer consulted with an anonymous individual who identified the woman as the suspect.

Dispatch gave the description of a tattoo on the wanted suspect's leg. The officer confirmed that the woman had the same tattoo. Then the woman admitted her real name and that she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

The woman was taken into custody for the outstanding warrant and for giving false information to law enforcement. The other woman and man were also charged with giving false information to law enforcement. The children were released to other family members. The three were transported to jail.

Woman arrested for property damage

On Friday shortly before 7:30 p.m., a man and his aunt went to his Kingston residence to gather clothing for his daughter; instead they found damage to his property.

According to the man, when he arrived his wife refused to answer the door and he observed the damage through a window. He walked around the side of the house and entered.

Based on his account, his wife said, "You trashed our marriage so I'm going to trash what means the most to you."

Several t-shirts and the bathroom curtain were cut with scissors, his china cabinet was damaged, two picture frames were broken and his Georgia Bulldog blanket was in the fireplace. His wife had left the scene prior to the officer's arrival.

Arriving on the scene, an officer observed the damage. The man said his wife also sent him a text message saying, "Material items are replaceable. Marriage [is] not. You deceived me and trashed our marriage. Just a taste of what you put me thru."

The officer met with the woman at the Bartow County Sheriff's Office parking lot. She admitted to damaging the property due to her being upset about their marital situation. She was placed under arrest for Criminal Damage to Property under the Family Violence Act and was transported to the jail.