Writer asks how much longer can America survive
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Dear Editor:

How much longer can America survive? It appears that we have completely lost all basic common sense or has our failed education system corrupted our minds to the point we can't think anymore? We spend more per student than any country in the world and get less results. They are too busy suspending students for using mouthwash after lunch, than educating them. Let's just take our immigration system for example.

We can't allow just anyone to walk across our border, it has to be controlled, that is plain common sense. We can't spend more money that we take in. We can't raise taxes anymore, citizens are far overtaxed now, they are not going to take it anymore, We can't pay bus drivers in Wisconsin $159,000 a year to drive a bus, just because a union says so, that is common sense.

We can't keep allowing our politicians to be bribed by special interest groups and call it lobbying. It is bribery, plain and simple. They are there to represent us, not Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac. It does not take education, or a high IQ to understand, all we have to do is "THINK." We can't take guns away from law abiding citizens, because the criminals will have full control, ever guess why they are called criminals? That's right, because they break the law. That is common sense. I could go on and on but you get the point. It is time Americans stand together. Forget your political party, and do what is right. 2012 is the year. Lets start thinking about America. We can't take care of the world. We don't have the money.

Turn off Oprah and wrestling. Stop watching the alphabet news media and CNN. They lie. Start getting the truth, study. Do your research, keep up with everything your politician does. It is time to hire all new politicians. And fire them if they take one dime from "lobbyists." Get a job, stop waiting for the Government to support you. Don't have children if you cant afford them. Don't buy houses and cars you can't afford. Just use your God given common sense.

Thank You: and God bless America

Danny Clark