Bartow Bio: Green delights in serving community at Bartow County Public Health Department


Joining the Bartow County Health Department in June 1997, Cathy Green continues to serve area residents as the organization’s nurse manager.

“I was drawn to public health because of the strong focus on prevention of disease and disabilities, and it afforded me the opportunity to serve the community I love,” she said. “As nurse manager of the Bartow County Health Department, I am responsible for the daily operations and clinical services we offer. I am also responsible for public health’s emergency response to natural, man-made and biological disasters. In addition, I have the responsibility for collaborating with other community partners in service to our community.”

Name: Cathy Green, RN, BSN, MPH

Age: 64

Occupation (title): Nurse manager

Family: Husband, Byron Green. Between us, Byron and I have five children: John and Ben Pope and Jason, Jamie and Josh Green. We have 15 grandchildren.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. Masters of Public Health from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.

DTN: What do you enjoy most about working at the Bartow County Health Department, and what have some of your favorite or most memorable moments been?

CG: My favorite part of my job is the opportunity to work with a phenomenal staff and community members. I am so lucky to be able to serve God and work as a nurse each day.

DTN: What are some of your most popular programs/services at the health department, and are there any new programs/services that you want to promote?

CG: One of my absolute favorite programs is our Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program for women. It is rewarding when we are able to detect cancer early and help find the proper treatment and care. I also love the immunization program and the fact that we have been able to eradicate smallpox during my lifetime. While there are many other programs we offer, these are just two of my absolute favorites.

With that said, there is a new program that I am absolutely ecstatic about, which is the Imagination Library book program, which allows us to enroll children from birth through age 5, so they can receive an age-appropriate book in the mail each month at no charge to the family. Reading proficiently allows our children to grow up and succeed in life.

DTN: What is your greatest professional and/or personal achievement?

CG: My greatest professional achievement is my nursing degree that allows me to serve God in a capacity that I love. Nursing is the best.

My greatest personal achievement is my family.

DTN: If you were not in your line of work, what would you like to do?

CG: That is a difficult question. If I could not be a nurse, I would like to build houses for people.

DTN: How would you describe yourself in three words?

CG: Compassionate, honest and dedicated

DTN: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

CG: That I’m just a little country girl.

DTN: What is the best advice you have ever received?

CG: My mother always told me growing up that I could do anything I wanted to do. She said it so often that I believed it and that’s why I am a nurse today.

DTN: What do you like to do in your spare time?

CG: I like to spend time outside with family. I love the outdoors, trees, flowers and animals of all sorts.

DTN: Where is your favorite place to be in Bartow County?

CG: Home