Local authorities haven't confirmed identity of dismembered woman

BCSO addresses landfill victim social media rumors

While Facebook posts seem to identify a woman who was discovered dismembered at a landfill in Bartow County several weeks ago, the Bartow County Sheriff's Office is refraining from making an official confirmation of the victim's identity.

Photos of a missing woman — described by the Facebook page Missing in West Virginia as Fairmont, West Virginia, resident Courtney Dubois — whose tattoos match those of the victim in a Georgia Bureau of Investigation sketch went viral on social media Thursday.

Additionally, a post from a Facebook user named Lisa Dubois — who claims to be Courtney's mother — dated Aug. 26 states that her daughter has been missing for two weeks. As of Thursday afternoon, the post had been shared by almost 2,000 people.

The Bartow County Sheriff's Office addressed the swirling social media rumors in a press release. 

"According to Sheriff Clark Millsap, recent information has been released concerning a missing woman from West Virginia," the release reads.

"Investigators from the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office are working with state agencies to positively identify this victim. Until that information is confirmed, further information cannot be released to protect the integrity of this investigation."

Millsap said that a dismembered body was located in a trash compactor dumpster that was being taken to the Bartow County landfill  along Allatoona Dam Road on Aug. 13.

"The container had been picked up from Cedar Creek Road compactor site, which is north on 41 at 15 Cedar Creek Road," he said at a press conference two days later. 

"I've been doing this for almost 35 years and I've never seen anything like this before. She was cut into pieces and they packed all the pieces into each individual bag and placed them in one dumpster."

During that press conference a sketch of the victim was released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Millsap noted the victim's distinct tattoos of "a sacred heart-type design" on her upper chest.

Several days later the BCSO released a photograph of a second tattoo on the body — one on the victim's right wrist, featuring characters believed to be the Japanese symbol for bravery.

The photos of the West Virginia woman identified online as Courtney Dubois indicate she had tattoos similar — if not identical — to the ones revealed in the GBI sketch and photos.

As of press time, Dubois' age remains unknown and unconfirmed.

For the time being, however, local authorities aren't affirming the online rumors.

"When confirmation and/or arrest of any individuals involved in this case is made,  more information will be released," said BCSO spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Rogers.