Blair moves from college student to college employee


Angela Blair's career as a college student flowed seamlessly into a career as a college employee.

Her stint as a work-study student eventually led to a position as a student affairs specialist at Chattahoochee Technical College.

"I started working at North Metro Technical College in 2008 as a work-study student while attending classes," she said. "In 2010, after the merger with Chattahoochee Technical College, I graduated, and then I came on full time with student affairs."

Name: Angela Blair

Age: 34

Occupational title: Student affairs specialist

City of residence: Emerson

Education: Associate of Applied Science in business administration from Chattahoochee Technical College, Bachelor of Arts in organizational management and leadership from Reinhardt University and Master of Science in leadership from Grand Canyon University.

Family: Mother and father who live in Peachtree City, brother who lives in Warner Robbins, half sister who lives in Kansas City; also have a wonderful husband and a dog.


Daily Tribune News (DTN): What are your job responsibilities?

AB: I am currently a transcript evaluator. My partner and I evaluate incoming transcripts for admitted students in order to award credit for classes which have already been taken. We also are responsible for downloading all the electronic transcripts from other colleges and entering them into our student information system as well as our imaging system. We also assist with the commencement ceremony, which is held at the Clarence Brown Conference Center twice a year.  


DTN: What do you enjoy most about your job and why, and what do you like least about it and why?

AB: I enjoy helping students in any way possible. I get to meet so many different kinds of interesting people at work and learn so many new things. Every situation and person is unique. On the negative side, you are exposed to many circumstances that can affect you. You see and experience people that are going through difficult situations, and many times, you have little control over it due to the nature of the job.


DTN: What do you think is/are the best thing(s) about Chattahoochee Tech?

AB: There are several things about Chattahoochee Tech which are the best. A few of the best things include highly educated and trained faculty, small classes for greater interaction between faculty and staff, affordable tuition and fees, excellent sources of financial aid, articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities that increase transfer opportunities to students, caring and knowledgeable staff committed to students and excellent customer service among all eight campus locations.


DTN: What kinds of changes would you like to see occur in the college in the next five years?

AB: For the students, I would like to encourage the commitment of all students to seek advisement each term and become a team player in their educational and career endeavors. We are all committed to encourage a greater number of students to complete their educational goals through the help and investment of quality faculty, advisement, student programs and resources toward a steadfast commitment to continue their education at a steady pace and graduate.


DTN: What do you enjoy doing when you're not working at CTC?

AB: I enjoy relaxing with my husband at the house or taking our boat, which we bought for our honeymoon, out on Lake Allatoona.


DTN: What would the title of your autobiography be and why?

AB: “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” I live by this and try and get everyone to do the same.


DTN: How would you describe yourself in three words?

AB: I would describe myself as dedicated, compassionate and patient.


DTN: If you could visit any period or event in the past, what would you choose and why?

AB: I am such an old soul so I would have to say the '60s. I love the music, and I feel that I would fit in.


DTN: Do you have a bucket list, and if so, what is the one thing you most look forward to accomplishing?

AB: One day, I plan on being able to flip houses. This has always been something I wanted to do. It just requires a lot to go about it.


DTN: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

AB: I was born in Puerto Rico and lived there for five years. Spanish was my first language. I had to learn English for my relatives.