Burglar ransacks Cassville convenience store


According to a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office report, a burglar stole lottery tickets and an unknown amount of cash from Cassville Grocery and Tobacco sometime before 6 a.m. Monday morning.

The burglar, who had yet to be identified at the time of the report, seemed to have entered through the women’s restroom, as there was a hole in the wall large enough to fit through and there was debris in the area laying on the floor with a work glove.

According to the report, the officer spoke with someone after 6 a.m. Monday at the store who said someone broke through and ransacked the store using a sledgehammer.

The officer entered the doorway that led to an alley on the side of the business and observed the power box and the meter from it was missing, knocking out power to the store. There was also a work glove in the alley.

Upon entering the store, the officer was able to ascertain that the suspect went to the front of the store and knocked over the lottery ticket box, taking an unknown amount of lottery tickets. The suspect also hit the cash register, taking an unknown amount of cash.

The person at the store was unable to tell how much money was stolen due to the power being out.

The officer also observed a point of impact on the ATM and the safe dial was laying on the ground. Two gambling machines were also damaged and all the cash inside was taken.

In addition, there was an empty Gatorade bottle on the floor and the sledgehammer was left laying on the ground by the area of the cooler.

The gloves, hammer and Gatorade bottle were submitted into evidence.