Cartersville author releases first in Grace series


Describing the process of publishing her first novel as "terrifying and thrilling," Anna Christine Boulier is delighted to introduce the character of Viviane Stanton-Mays to "Restoring Grace" readers as they explore the city of Cartersville.

"I have always wanted to be a writer, and have written short stories ever since I learned to write," she said. "I had pieces of the first story, 'Restoring Grace,' but it wasn’t until I found a book about writing a novel in 30 days that I took the next steps. In May 2013, I was still unable to find work after graduating college in 2011 and decided to write the novel I had always wanted while I had the time. It took more than the 30 days, actually six weeks, but I finished my first novel and knew I was a writer.

"… I hope people enjoy my stories, laugh a little and find themselves wanting to read more and learn about characters that have come to mean a lot to me. But mostly, I hope readers gain a new perspective of God, see Him as a loving Father who wants to help heal and restore. I write as part of my testimony, telling stories about God’s grace and love through contemporary romance. Many lessons God has taught me are woven into my stories. I want to show people about their loving God who sends us abundant gifts of grace every day. I am a child of God, a hope-filled, walking example of God’s grace."

A Cartersville resident, Boulier formed her publishing company, AC Boulier Publishing, earlier this year to release the contemporary Christian romance novel Aug. 14.

"'Restoring Grace' is about a young woman named Viviane Stanton-Mays, a photographer living in Atlanta, but finds herself worried the grandmother who raised her is hiding a serious illness. Headed back to Cartersville to visit for a month to determine how sick she is, Viviane will be forced to face her high school sweetheart — Cole West, the man who broke her heart — since he is the current youth minister at their hometown church. Viviane doesn’t know that her grandmother has concocted a plan to bring her back to face Cole and marry the man she let get away 10 years ago. Trouble abounds, because Grand doesn’t know why the couple broke up, only that they are meant for each other and will do whatever it takes to see Viviane and Cole reunited.

"The novel takes place in and around Cartersville, including such places as the Booth museum, Scott’s Walk-Up Bar-B-Q and Jefferson’s. Grand’s character is a combination of my mother and grandmother in many ways, and most of the characters have little pieces of me in the story. Growing up, I thought I would leave Cartersville and never come back, going on to a bigger city. Instead, I found myself back home, only to realize what all Cartersville has to offer, an endless supply of stories."

Receiving degrees in Studio Art and Interior Design from Agnes Scott College and Georgia State University, Boulier currently is a project manager for Shaw Industries' Create Centre at Plant 94 in Cartersville.

According to AC Boulier Publishing's promotional materials, "Boulier is a writer and storyteller who grew up in Cartersville and except for a brief stint in Atlanta for college, she’s been there ever since. She writes contemporary Christian fiction, but dabbles in other genres as well. She currently has three books written with more on the way. Writing is not full time, she pays the bills with a job that helps her stay creative."

Boulier will publish the next two books in her Grace series later this year. "Accepting Grace" and "Trusting Grace" will be available Sept. 25 and Oct. 23, respectively.

"All three novels will be published under my name, AC Boulier Publishing, this year," she said. "After doing a lot of research, I decided to self-publish to keep control of my novels and make all of the decisions, from designing book covers to formatting and editing.

"In April of 2017, I started editing my first novel and finished the two sequels by March of this year. Then I knew I was ready to start the publishing phase of my journey. Through a lot of research, I set up an author website/blog to promote my books and continue working on new novels."

For more information about Boulier and obtaining a copy of her book, visit Her first novel is available for purchase at major retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

"I never imagined I would be where I am now, but I love where God has taken me," Boulier said. "Publishing this first novel has been terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. I tell people, 'Writing is my testimony — Grace my story. It isn’t just a tagline, but a way of life.'

"I write to tell my personal testimony about how God has taken care of me and my family through the grace he shows to me daily. I’ve always been quiet, and struggled to talk about my life but writing has given me a way to tell my story with courage and conviction."