Cartersville council approves more data storage capacity


Cartersville City Council had a lot on its plate Thursday, and that didn't go unnoticed by Ward 2 Councilman Jayce Stepp.

"I think this is the longest agenda I have seen since I came on the council," he said.

Council approved the purchase of new file-storage appliances to replace the current ones that are six years old and nearly depleted of available storage space.

"We have had some issues in the past few weeks," Assistant City Manager Dan Porta said. "We were trying to get along to the 2020 SPLOST, but we're not able to."

Porta said the appliances are very critical pieces of hardware that hold all virtual servers, email, door access control, laserfiche, GIS, Cogsdale financial databases and all other city servers and databases. The new appliances have about five times more available storage space and will significantly increase server and application response times and will replace the aging server infrastructure. Porta said the appliances cost about $275,000, with $30,000 coming from 2014 SPLOST funds and the balance of $245,000 from the Fiber budget.

Porta also introduced a proposal from the Downtown Development Authority to fund a "photo fence," a citizen-driven art exhibit in partnership with photographers from the Booth Photography Guild.

Submitted photos would be chosen by a jury, printed on an outdoor-safe medium, framed, and hung on the railroad fence along Founders Oak parking lot for three months. The exhibit would be rotated every three months with a new theme.

The proposal was approved.    

 Council heard two zoning requests.

The first, AZ1802, is a request to rezone and annex property located at 539 Rowland Springs Road.  

"The 0.69-acre lot contains an unoccupied single family detached house that has been converted to a duplex," Planning and Development Director Randy Mannino said. "The owner wishes to annex into the city to take advantage of better utility rates and for easier management of other rental properties that are in the city, particularly those adjacent to this one. The current zoning is R-2 and the proposed zoning is MF-14 to allow a duplex unit. The Planning Commission recommends approval with one condition — limit the residential use to one single family detached or duplex unit."

Council also heard a first reading for SU18-04, a request for a special use permit for Calvary Chapel River Oaks Church to use an empty suite on the western end of Cartersville Plaza Shopping Center for a worship center.

Both requests were first readings, which according to Georgia law, require two readings before a vote can be taken.

Cartersville Police Chief Frank McCann received council approval to purchase 50 taser electronic control weapons to replace the department's current tasers. He requested $70,800 to purchase 50 Tasers, holsters, cartridges and a download kit. 

"We will be using federal asset forfeiture funds to purchase these items," McCann said.  

McCann also received approval to purchase four patrol vehicles for $162,296 and one CID vehicle for $21,410.

"These vehicles are replacements for our fleet and the older vehicles will be declared surplus," he said. "The vehicles are budgeted items and will be paid for out of federal asset forfeiture funds with the exception of the Animal Control truck, which will be paid for out of lease pool."

Council approved a bid of $5,646.85 from Pendley Heating & Air to replace a 5-ton air conditioning unit and air handler, one of seven units installed in 1994 at the Cartersville Gymnastics Center in anticipation of hosting a 1996 Olympic Team. The project will be funded from the Parks and Recreation maintenance and operation budget.

A bid of $251,000 from Signature Tennis Courts Inc. in Woodstock was accepted to resurface 14 Dellinger Park tennis courts, two basketball courts, a 440-yard track and three tennis courts at Hicks Park. The project includes a RiteWay Crack Repair System for each venue as well as general repair/resurfacing/striping for the courts and track.

In other business, council:

• Approved execution of an engagement letter to King & Spalding LLP, as a condition of inclusion to a group, including the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority and the State of Georgia that sued the Army Corps of Engineers for failing to address outstanding water supply requests dating back as far as 1981.

• Approved an amendment to the city’s annual audit performed by Mauldin & Jenkins LLC to include an audit of the joint Drug Task Force.

• Approved a request by Regions Bank Corporate Trust, the lease pool holder, to have an updated signature on file for new city manager Tamara Brock.

• Approved a $4,349 quote from Geo-Hydro Engineers of Kennesaw for site clearing and grading for the construction of a metering and regulating station for the Williams-Transco pipeline.

• Approved the Cartersville City School Board rollback rate of 15.674 mills for the 2018 property tax rate.

• Approved the Cartersville Business Improvement District property tax millage of 2.21 mills.

• Approved the Cartersville M&O property tax millage rate of 2.259 mills.

• Approved the Cartersville GO Parks and Recreation Bond tax millage rate of 0.969 mills.

• Approved an MOU with the Department of Community Affairs for the use, maintenance and accreditation of the Main Street Program affiliation.

• Approved an annual premium of $11,708.53 for workers compensation insurance.

• Approved the reappointment of Vandi White and Valerie Holt to three-year terms on the  Historic Preservation Commission.

The Cartersville City Council will hold a work session on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 6 p.m. followed by a regular meeting at 7 p.m. at City Hall.