Cartersville council hears good financial news


The Cartersville City Council got some good economic news at its Oct. 6 meeting. In his monthly report, finance director Tom Rhinehart reported that general fund revenues increased from August 2013 to August 2014 by more than $400,000. Expenses increased by only $139,000, leaving the fund $300,000 in the black.“I monitor three areas of revenue on a monthly basis,” Rhinehart told the council. “They are local options sales tax (LOST), police fines and forfeitures, and building permits and inspection fees. LOST funding increased by $84,119 over last year; police fines and forfeitures jumped by almost $19,000; and building permits brought in $8,185.”Council approved a final change order for the Tennessee Street 12-inch water main replacement contract with Site Engineering, Inc. The order calls for a reduction in the contract of $122,392.99. Approval of this change order lowered the final contract amount from $2.93 million to $2.81 million.Another change order was approved for the Douthit Ferry Road widening project. Assistant City Manager Dan Porta told council that the project, in its fourth year of design, required state-mandated code changes adding $83,166 to the final cost and adding two more years to the design phase.Council also approved key agreements with R.H. Ledbetter Properties of Rome, developers of Main Street Marketplace, a proposed 231,013-square-foot retail center, anchored by a new Kroger Supermarket. The Marketplace developer asked for traffic signals to be erected on Main Street across the street from the Kohl’s driveway.An agreement with Ledbetter, again regarding the Main Street Marketplace, will require significant grading to add more than 20 feet of fill over an existing 36-inch water main. Due to the weight of 20 feet of fill and accessibility required for maintenance, significant measures are needed to protect existing facilities. The agreement requires Ledbetter to assume any cost for more design and relocation plus the cost of acquiring any needed easements related to the project.In other business, council:• approved $7,200 for an annual subscription to Crime View Dashboard software for police dashboard cameras.• approved $6,590 for a new aquatic lift at the Senior Aquatic Center.• approved $37,500 to Switzer Engineering for relocation of a water main from the proposed new Kroger Supermarket.• approved the purchase of two used Chevrolet Impalas and one used Chevrolet Malibu for $1,000 each.The Cartersville City Council will meet next on Thursday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m. at Cartersville City Hall.