Cashier assaulted in armed robbery at Kangaroo Express


According to a Bartow County Sheriff’s report, an armed robbery occurred July 22 at the Kangaroo Express on Glade Road in Acworth, in which a man assaulted a cashier and took an unknown amount of cash before fleeing the scene.

BCSO officers responded at approximately 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning and spoke to the cashier and two other witnesses besides the cashier.

According to the cashier, she was near the coffee machine at around 4:15 a.m. when a tall, skinny, black male in his early 20s with a tattoo, wearing a white hat with half of his face covered, a white t-shirt, khaki shorts and a black pistol of an unknown kind and caliber, told the cashier to give him all of her money.

She went to the register and gave the suspect an unknown amount of cash.

The suspect then told the cashier to go in the back room, where he proceeded to choke her and assault her, and told her he was going to tie her up.

She then heard a man’s voice and yelled for help. The suspect then ran out.

According to a male witness, he opened the door next to the cashier area where he heard the cashier yell for help and saw the suspect choking her.

The man immediately ran to the front door and the suspect ran after him.

The man hit the suspect in the face and struggled with him until the suspect knocked the man to the floor.

The suspect then ran across the street toward Sequoia St.

A third witness was pumping gas and saw the suspect run across the street.

The suspect also was observed on video at the end of the building watching the cashier taking out the garbage prior to committing the robbery.

No arrests have been made.