Chattahoochee Technical College’s nursing program ranks fifth in state


Students looking for a quality nursing program don’t have to look any further than Chattahoochee Technical College.

Based on licensure exam pass rates from 2011 to 2015, CTC’s Associate of Science in nursing program was ranked No. 5 in the state by the website, which analyzed 50 Georgia institutions with nursing programs and ranked the Top 20.

“Nursing programs were assessed on several factors which represent how well a program supports students towards licensure and beyond,” website Founder and Managing Editor Brooke Wallace said in a press release. “We analyzed past and present National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) pass rates, weighted by year.”

“Being ranked No. 5 in the state is a testament to the quality education that drives students to pursue a program of study at Chattahoochee Technical College,” Dean of Health Sciences Ron Webb said. “Because pass rates are the determining factor in these rankings, this designation shows graduates of CTC’s Associate of Science in nursing program are fully prepared to enter the field upon graduation.”

The program has an institutional graduation rate of more than 70 percent, the release said.

Listed at No. 1 was Albany Technical College, followed by Gordon State College, Georgia College and State University and Columbus Technical College. CTC missed the No. 4 ranking by 0.15 of a point, according to the website.

Associate Dean of Nursing Quetina Pittman-Howell said the hard work that the college’s faculty and students put in every day was responsible for this accomplishment.

“The faculty at Chattahoochee Technical College have the knowledge and expertise necessary to prepare nursing students to enter practice,” she said in the release. “They are creative and innovative, which creates an informative and fun learning environment. The program’s board pass rate reflects that students are capturing what they are being taught in both clinical and class.”

Pittman-Howell, a registered nurse who has a Master of Science in nursing education and is a doctoral candidate, called the students “truly amazing.”

“They are hard workers, open to learning, and they trust their faculty with the process of preparing them to become nurses,” she said. “Every one of them brings something to the classroom, whether it’s a smile, the spirit of joy, determination or the innate desire of wanting to become a nurse. I’m proud to say CTC nursing students are making their mark in the nursing profession.”

Webb agreed with Pittman-Howell.

“The success of our nursing program is dependent on our highly skilled faculty and their dedication to serving our student population,” he said. “In addition, our students come to the program ready to learn and to apply themselves inside and outside the classroom. This program would not be a success if it were not for the shared goals of our faculty and students.”

CTC has 53 students enrolled in the nursing program — 44 students in the ASN program and nine students in the Associate of Science in Nursing — LPN to RN Bridge Option program, Webb said.

Upon completing the rigorous and competitive programs, which are based at the Paulding campus in Dallas, students are eligible to apply and sit for the NCLEX-RN, the release said.

Graduates who successfully complete the exam qualify for employment in physicians’ offices, hospitals, clinics, extended-care facilities, hospices, governmental agencies, private industries or the home health care field.