Christian League for Battered Women awarded grant for hotel stays


Continuing to "serve the greater good," the Cartersville-Bartow Community Foundation awarded Tranquility House — Christian League for Battered Women a $3,000 grant during its spring grant cycle.

"The funds that we received will be used for us to assist families for stays in a hotel for short periods of time," said Teresa Millsaps, executive director of Tranquility House Domestic Violence Center. "Tranquility House is receiving over 100 requests for shelter each month that we have to turn away.

"We wanted to make sure we had a resource to assist families who are living in Bartow County, if they needed, like a night of safety while they're filing a temporary protective order or while we work on trying to find them another shelter throughout the state."

An affiliate of the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia, Cartersville-Bartow Community Foundation awarded $22,500 in grants to eight nonprofits during its spring grant cycle.

Along with Tranquility House — Christian League for Battered Women, the other recipients included Bartow Education Foundation, Bartow Literacy Council, Beyond Limits Therapeutic Riding, Etowah Scholarship Foundation, Hands of Christ After School Program, SKORE and Tonsmeire Community Clinic.

“Our grants have helped fund projects to help promote literacy, shelter individuals who are homeless or living with developmental disabilities, provide tutoring for at-risk students and so much more,” stated Patrick Nelson, chairman of the Cartersville-Bartow Community Foundation, in a news release. “These projects not only help individuals and families become more successful, but they serve the greater good and contribute to the quality of life of everyone who lives or works here in Bartow County.”

Now in its third location, Christian League for Battered Women celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015. The nonprofit's Tranquility House Domestic Violence Center provides a safe environment for women and children to temporarily stay and work toward future goals, like securing housing, education or a job, if needed.

While residing at the shelter, women have access to a support group, legal advocacy and community resources. Even though men, who are victims of domestic violence, are unable to reside at Tranquility House, they are provided with services and other shelter options.

"What [this grant] will mean as far as our initiative is we will be able to provide safety for victims during the time that we're trying to find a place for them to go," Millsaps said. "What this will mean for the organization is that we will be able to assist more victims.

"The work that we do is important, because 1 in every 4 women and 1 in every 10 men are victims of domestic violence. So we as a community want to rally around that perspective that we are a community that sets a zero standard for this, that says it's not acceptable for one person to have that power and control over another person. It's a violation of a person's civil rights."

Along with the Cartersville-Bartow Community Foundation grant, Christian League for Battered Women also receives support from local donors and organizations. An example of this is the Cartersville Country Club Ladies Golf Association, which recently contributed $7,500 generated from its Invitational Tournament.

"We would like to say how much we appreciate them not only in raising the money but their support around sending out the message that domestic violence is wrong and against the law," Millsaps said, extending thanks to the Cartersville Country Club Ladies Golf Association.

For more information about Christian League for Battered Women, call 770-386-8093 or visit Further details about the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia can be obtained by calling its president, David Aft, at 706-275-9117 or visiting